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  1. my power is 5v 1.5a wall charger. It took awhile trying to connect . On either my win7 or Kali i dont remember which, it showed ''managment'' and the other machine showed my managmant ssid name i actually create after resets. but that password didnt work Nothing in my Pine pool or any pool regards to op the nexus 7 is wifi only so google didnt see the need to put tethering capabilities or dam sdcard expansion,
  2. im having promblems with recon scans stuck at 100% . Noticed the Managment AP today . Is that not supposed to be brodcasted. I was trying so many different dam things, thought maybe i did that. guess i need grab some logs and email hak5 support
  3. i read something in a post about pushing the reset button . a search on this pulls nothing else for me i ask because im having problems upgrading Im on 1.0.1 im logging into pineapple and trying to perform upgrade but it never downloads . "please wait while fw is downloading" ...thats it. what am i missing. sure theres manual upgrade, ... but for convenience sake and curious, whats up with the upgrade option not working, for me atleast is it something i dont know because this is my first pineapple. well maybe not my first, i have a water down version on a lil tp link router
  4. wow like candy i dont really need it but i want it
  5. i upgraded my samsung tab from cm9 to cm11...tether app works fine now
  6. oh yeah on my phone tethering gets grayed out after i check the box
  7. i have this going on with my galaxy tab. and my phone has the usb tether option grayed out issue. no matter data cable both using t-mobile prepaid sim works fine on pc. linux thinking here...later i try see what happens using my phone and tabs linux
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