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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, yeah it seems like i need that adapter, i'll pick one up. Regarding the Yagi being designed more to transmit than receive, i'll have to lookup some threads on what people actually use the Yagi for and how they use it I just thought it was strange that the bundle came with an adapter that seems basically useless for anything that's actually in the bundle, i thought maybe they sent the wrong one, or there was supposed to be a 2nd adapter which was the opposite of the one in my photos, also on the shop page for the bundle, it lists "SMA to RP-SMA adapters", adap
  2. I took 2 photos to show the dilemma i'm having, i tried my best to get the connectors visible in both shots, but basically you can see the Yagi antenna cable in both photos, and the supplied adapter with each end in each photo Image 1 Image 2 As you can see, the connector would fit correctly but it seems that i need it to be a female SMA to male RPSMA, whereas i appear to have an adapter that is the other way around, with a male SMA to female RPSMA connection (based on my quick googling of SMA/RPSMA connectors)... As a new user i'm limited to 3 posts a day, so from here on i will go quiet
  3. The adapter in your link looks like the one that came with the bundle, but i still don't understand how that can connect the antenna to anything... The antenna has a male pin and the Alfa AWUS036NEH has a male pin, it seems like i need an adapter that is female on both ends to connect the two...
  4. Hi all, i was given a 'Long Range WiFi Holiday Bundle' for Christmas by a relative, from the Hak5 shop. I was mostly just after a new adapter with the Ralink chipset, but since this bundle came with the Yagi antenna, i'm keen to try it out. However, the bundle didn't appear to come with an adapter that will allow me to connect the antenna to the wireless adapter, as both ends are male, and the single adapter that came with the bundle also has both ends male.. Was this adapter supposed to be female on both ends? Because that is the only way that i can see it allowing me to connect the Yagi, a
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