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  1. I have the NANO with EP setup. It pops up the Captive Portal right away on an iPhone. I tested on a Pixel 2 and the Captive Portal never appeared. I was able to browse the web without any issue / pop-up from the phone (The phone had never been connected to the Pineapple before.) I messed with it a for a while and couldn't get the Captive Portal to appear on the Pixel. On the iPhone, the network has to be forgotten before I can get the Captive Portal to pop up again.
  2. This helped me: http://j2abro.blogspot.com/2016/07/configuring-wifi-pineapple-nano-on-mac.html
  3. Additionally: I've since reset all the fun WiFi preferences on my Mac and ran the same test as above (2min without NANO, 2min with NANO). I'm not seeing them anymore. So, I'm baffled as to why they were showing up consistently when the NANO was powered on and broadcasting when the issue seems to have been local to the Macbook.... I also went ahead and added the following to the SSID Pool: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 'PineAP Daemon' and 'Broadcast SSID Pool' checked I can't get them to appear in the network list on my Mac or Android phone. I've even tried checking and unchecking the '
  4. Okay, so I had my Macbook scan for WiFi networks for 2 minutes without the NANO: ESCALADE5G [secure] Bulldog 45k [secure] Danimal [secure] ESCALADE [secure] Fish [secure] Rebel Alliance [secure] Now, NANO is plugged in and booted, SSID Pool is Empty, but the "Broadcast SSID" option is checked - another 2 minutes. The following are in addition to the ones above: belkin.3e7 [Open] ESCALADE [Open] GALAXY_NOTE3_0906 [Open] Mobile [Open] mordor [Open] PineAP [Open] Pineapple_6ED8 [Open] SBG658022 [Open] Shoot-to-thrill-guest [Open] Note: mordor, ESCALADE, Mobile, Shoot-to-thrill-gu
  5. Will do! I'm off work later this evening. But I'll post up everything asap. Thanks
  6. I'd just like to point out, I had the Pineapple on for a few minutes without broadcasting and wasn't seeing the SSID's on my Clients. I added 1 SSID of "Test" to the pool to broadcast - it would then show up on the client, but in addition to a couple of the others. Off the top of my head I don't remember the names, but I think it's possible they had a hyphen ' - ' or some other special character. I'll confirm when I get home from work tonight.
  7. Yes, they're SSID's that I grabbed some days ago... I'll go through and completely clear all SSID's from both devices and see if that helps. Will post when I get home - At work at the moment ;) I will list the SSID's that are giving the issue. Going to confirm that /etc/pineapple/ssid_file is empty and clear SSID's from client first. Thanks for all the info guys!!
  8. I've been messing with the PineAP section a bit, and something that I am noticing is that I'll remove all the SSID's from the pool, yet my Macbook Pro and Android phone are still showing some SSID's that aren't in the pool. I've confirmed that it's only happening when my Nano is powered on and the PineAP Daemon is running. Also, just to test, I connected to one of them on my Macbook and sure enough, it showed up as a Client on the Nano... I haven't been able to figure out why it's still broadcasting these 'old' SSID's that are no longer in the Pool. Any ideas?
  9. Tested cables. Here's what I learned: Power is plugged separate via the male USB on the NANO. Connect phone to NANO via female port - Had to use the cable that came with my phone (Not a USB 3.0, but must allow data transfer) - The adapter / cables that came with my Field Kit / NANO didn't seem to like data transfer? The phone then allowed me to enable USB tethering and I was able to connect to the NANO. Hope this helps.
  10. I have a Note 4 (Stock) through AT&T and had the same experience with the USB Tether option being greyed out. I was able to enable the 'hotspot' though... Going to try with different cables. (Possibly the 3.0 cable for the phone.)
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