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  1. Nice! Thanks! Haven't been using my Nano. So damn busy. 1.0.3 I didn't even use. I'll take 1.0.4 for a spin tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, the anticipation is KILLING ME!!! The "week" is just about up. I hope I get to sip some 1.0.2 Pineapple Juice before I crash for the night!
  3. Thanks to you developers for your work on these modules! I'm inspired this time around to learn how to make my own modules for the Nano and Tetra.
  4. Also, take a look at the infusions available for the MKV to get an idea of what the NANO can do. https://www.wifipineapple.com/?infusions
  5. Take a look at this https://hak5.org/episodes/pineapple-university/the-next-gen-rogue-access-point-pineap
  6. Finally got my Pineapple fired up. Everything so far is working as expected! Thanks Hak5!!!!!!
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