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  1. Here is a download link with the sha, but what is that command to perform the upgrade I type into putty after copying the file over? 'upgrade?' https://www.wifipineapple.com/downloads
  2. After searching for long enough.... Somebody please post a download link to the new firmware AND instructions how to manually install. I have version 1.0.1 that does not download and install form the advanced tab, it sits there no progress. I have putty, winscp installed. Instructions should be pinned and with an obvious title like 'Manual Install of nano firmware.'
  3. After watching this video here I'm starting to get a clue. I appreciate your efforts, thanks a lot! The mark IV didn't cause paranoid reactions like this nano did by filling my brother-in-laws available network list with all the probes I had stored, oooops. My other buddy didn't like seeing himself connected to his own network- unsecured, ooops also unintentional. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33518-wifi-pineapple-vs-hsts/
  4. In directory /etc/modules.d/ change 27-rtl8187 to 29-rtl8187 not 26-rtl8187 as I posted above (I knew it was one or the other at the time) Also your alfa as client mode should be network type wan. Do this all with network manager infusion of course. I know the mark 4 is old but maybe somebody can use a little refresher here if they pull it out again, or make there own.
  5. Just got a mark 4 from Spain on ebay last week. Using it with the alfa awus036h. After plugging in the alfa, karma won't run. Long story short, karma needs the built-in wifi to be radio0 and wlan0 because of the scripts, and apparently that is the chip it has to run on. But after plugging in the alfa, the built-in radio0 is now wlan1 and karma wont start. I found this code below in /etc/init.d/boot. it looks like it creates a list of devices, I figured we need the alfa chip to always load after the atheros built-in chip (so it will aways be wlan1), so change the order in the list. In directory /etc/modules.d/ there is a list of drivers, change the name of the alfa driver from 26-rtl8187 to 29-rtl8187 and it moves down the list, after the atheros, Thats it! Very well tested and I'm quite proud of my early contributions here. To share internet through your alfa, make it client mode with the network manager infusion, and use the internet connection sharing tab in the manager to share wlan1 to wlan0. load_modules /etc/modules.d/* # allow wifi modules time to settle sleep 1 /sbin/wifi detect > /tmp/wireless.tmp [ -s /tmp/wireless.tmp ] && { cat /tmp/wireless.tmp >> /etc/config/wireless } rm -f /tmp/wireless.tmp for newbies, Other things I've learned, reaver infusion does work fine in 2.8.1. Just needs a good signal. After scan ap, and before attack, disable the wlan1, but not the mon0. Karma works too, it took a while to get associations though without doing any deauths, which I have not tried yet. Having so much fun I bought the new nano and it's shipped too!
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