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  1. Hi when I tried to load this script DELAY 8000GUI rDELAY 50STRING notepad.exeENTERDELAY 100STRING Hello World! the only thing it does is load the alt+ctl+del screen. I then added a esc to it to try and get out of the alt+ctl+del screen. DELAY 8000ESCAPEGUI rDELAY 50STRING notepad.exeENTERDELAY 100STRING Hello World! This did not solve the problem. I then just tried While noteade was open DELAY 2000 STRING Hello world ENTER the result was " jjjjj" any ides?
  2. Could someone tell me if aircrack would work on this device? I've been trying to get it to compile unsuccessfully. My idea was to have aircrack run deauth as a service. My idea is to use it as physical Trojan horse during penetration testing. Attach it to a bunch of keys, and drop it in the parking lot. My thinking is that the majority of people would turn in keys to lost and found.
  3. In windows. Control panel, network devices, left click on my Wifi network, properties, sharing,allow others to use this. Then I select Ethernet 13. I have tried both Ethernets. When I choose Ethernet 2 it says check connection. Ethernet 13 gives me a http error
  4. After I updated the firmware I am no longer able to get bulletins or control the pineapple when I share internet. If i turn off the share connection i regain control over the pineapple. I have reset the device already any ideas?
  5. I was able to install the mk 4 software without the serial cable. While waiting for my cables to arrive, I was reviewing the flashing instructions. When I noticed that the clean install reminded me of the 9x boot disk days. So I did some experimenting. The Alfa 121u was running attitude adjustment 2.something. While in there I there was a flash firmware option. I decided to try to use that to install the pineapple software. That kind of worked. Thr web interface did not work, but the telent did. I then followed the manual upgrade instructions and was able to install the mk 4 3.0 software. So far the only issues I have noticed is some infusions are not installing or are missing from the bar. PineAp is not there and the tcpdump tile will install but it says not installed inside the tile. WiFi dos, WiFi manger will not install at all.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I just picked up an Alfa 121u.
  7. I am refering to an earlier mode mark 1-4. I just bought the nano however I need one with ethernet for a class demonistration.
  8. I am located in the US, and am looking for an early model with the battery pack. I have no clue what they are worth so ill start with an offer of $40
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