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  1. Decades of programming have taught me it is better to let the structure evolve to reflect what is actually there. Otherwise we end up with some useless categories and some overcrowded. OTOH, if there are payloads we really want to see, an empty category might motivate somebody to create one.
  2. Now that I am no longer obsessively reloading this thread, I'm not sure what to do with myself. :P
  3. If I were Darren I'd register at least one BS domain, just to keep people guessing.
  4. Yeah, me too. If I don't see some Hak5 goodies to spend money on I am in danger of making rent this month. :P
  5. I use AWS for professional projects and Digital Ocean for personal. Both have served me well.
  6. Question for the Hak 5 team: Have you considered selling on Amazon? For Amazon regulars, buying off of Amazon has less friction than buying from individual vendors. Assuming it's actually worth the fuss on your end I expect Hak 5 sales would go up. Thoughts?
  7. Unfortunately my USB adapter didn't work. The connection was unreliable. Amazon has tons of options. I picked one with good reviews and life got a lot easier.
  8. Make sure to name the compiled script "inject.bin" I was going crazy trying to get my first payload to work until I realized the name is essential.
  9. Oh yes, I'd be all over that. Great idea.
  10. You might want to change "mkdir" to "mkdir -p" just in case .ssh already exists.
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