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  1. Well, this seemed dead simple, but apparently not. I've got QuickCreds and Responder modules started but I on;y get a flashing yellow light and nothing in my loot logs even in the latest.Not even the next layer of log file names. Has anyone figured this out? Will someone at Hak5 come to our rescue? Is this a lost cause?
  2. Sorry to hear of the troubles for some folks. I haven't had issues, but with a small company I can imagine things can get hectic. I do have to back Hak5 on not allowing some posts if they don't want them. this is a forum for their products. Not a forum to get around buying their products. Although it looks like they have supported some of that too. But why not post in a forum that would welcome that kind of stuff. You can find info for alternatives to Hak5's tools all over.
  3. FlashB

    USB Phishing

    I need to do some training and was hoping to use some strategically placed USB drives. Back in the old days this kind of manuver was easy because autorun worked on USB's or you had USB drives that had a cd-rom section on them so you could initiate autorun. THese days I've read about having to modify the chip on a USB to get it to autorun but only if you were lucky enough to find a USB having software to modify the chip. I'm surprised Hak5 hasn't come up with this. I would use a Rubber Ducky for this, but I'm afraid they are too expensive to buy a dozen of I might not ever get back. Anyone else got any ideas? Hak.5 gurus you got any solutions you could share? I'd be happy to purchase if it's reasonable. Thanks.
  4. Seriously one at a time huh? Not trying to do anything bad. Just a little reverse engineering to understand it being done.
  5. http://www.securitytube.net/video/15243?utm_source=HT&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=SM Using the Wifi Pineapple Nano at Bsides Columbus 2016
  6. Are you using the Rasberry Pi Kali 2 as well? I have a rasberry pi I am running that on but I will look into putting the Nano and ducky on it too! DOh, just read the title. Nice work!
  7. This is great fun! Thanks for sharing!
  8. How about make a video of the demo to use just in case your live stuff does south on you. It would be good practice and you will have something to show if things don't work out in the live demo.
  9. Anyone know how this is done? Sending to various users each having a different ip address spoofed but same content, etc. Does this have to be done on email at a time or is there a tool to randomly spoof different ips for each email sent?
  10. So, what's the scoop on this? Anyone on here gone? Any place I can read reviews? Looks like fun, but my boss probably wants more outta the training dollars than fun. What level are we looking at here?
  11. Well, it's mostly Python I think that could help you. The rest isn't too bad, although I can tell you that currently I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around Buffer Overflows and altering exploits to fit the situation. But I think if I go through about 10 more times I'll have those :)
  12. Doing OSCP now. It's kicking my butt but it's fun. I am going to have to extend my lab time for a second time. Be sure to realize you need LOTS of time to go through the training, and then hack all the boxes in the lab (up to 60 if you want to crack them all) before you even think about taking the exam. You also have to be able to solve things on your own. There are things that aren't documented perfectly on purpose. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about OSCP. Only drawbacks I've read about is that some things could be more up to date (but you learn a ton) and the only thing I personally see as negative is that a lot of people don't even know what the cert is. Some folks in InfoSec seem to only know about CEH, CISSP and SANS stuff. That doesn't mean it's not well worth the money which is a lot cheaper than any SANS class with a lot more hands on. I personally am a big fan of OSCP. I say go for it and you will not regret it.
  13. Will they sell this case separate? I got the Nano but decided to wait on the case.
  14. I am taking OSCP course right now. Great experience and tough!
  15. Hello! 1. I just got the Ducky last night. What I can't figure out is why there is a main usb tool and then a little cute mini-usb. What is the second little cute USB for the mini sd card used for. 2. How come there was no duck sticker? Not that I would really want it on there. But just wondering :) Thanks! -Pam
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