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  1. Took me a bit of time, and yes, most of the things that the Mk V does are not that spectacular out of the box. But, it still is a very nice piece of hardware, and if you can script, you can do very nice things with it. Don't blame the tool if you are unskilled in using it. In the right hands....
  2. WLAN2 ??? could you elaborate a bit on that please?
  3. 45 views already, and nobody who has anything to say? Come on guys....
  4. Hi guys, Got a Mk V to play with from my employer two days ago, and they expect me to show some nice things. So far, all I've been able to make it do is harvest SSID's. I have set it up both as rouge AP (one antenna connected to my home network, the other broadcasting as "Free WiFi"), and sharing the Internet connection with my home computer through ethernet. I think I've tried all the different setups by now.. Turned on everything under the PineAP tab, and although I do see SSID's being collected, there are no connections made. No mentions are made in the logs, nothing... When looking on various wireless devices (win 7, android, linux) I'm also not seeing a list of insecured networks that correspond to the SSID's that are on the preferred lists of the devices. Something you do see in some tutorials on youtube. I can manually connect with the Mk V broadcasting its "free wifi"-dubbed network, and then it does see me as a client. The I try SSLstrip.. doesn't do antyhing anymore (fixed that bug probably...), but also, dns spoofing does not do anything. In short, I have a fancy black box with four glowing LEDs, that so far hasn't been able to do anything. Is a pineapple still capable of doing anything these days? Or am I two years to late in expecting devices to connect just because I'm replicating their preferred networks?
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