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  1. I'm having an issue connecting my phone to my nano lately. My wifi connection has an exclamation mark beside it and for some reason it still connects to my phone data. When this happens, I am unable to connect to my pineapple presumably because my default route is my phone data connection. This is new and I don't know if it is some upgrade my phone took or what. I have the wlan2 USB in my pineapple and want to be able to have it tether to my home WiFi and then I can connect through that. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something that I missed somewhere? Is the solution to disable phone data so I can get connected? I didn't have to do this before. I have the OnePlus 2 and am on the Bell network in Canada.
  2. Okay, I'm not sure if I am missing something with configuring my nano. I can only connect to it while my phone is on WiFi and tethered to my phone. I checked my phone and USB tethering works to my laptop. I have another WiFi card plugged in to my nano and planned on hot spotting from my phone since I can't seem to get USB tethering working. I tried connecting to the management network of my nano and I still get the proxy error. What am I missing? Should I reset my nano and start over? I really want to get this working but there is some issue. Oh, I'm using chrome on my phone if that helps or is an issue.
  3. No. My USB tethering is working confirmed with my laptop this morning.
  4. Okay, I have done more testing with my phone. I can get on my phone's data connection through USB tethering with my laptop. My phone isn't connected to wifi. When I plug in my nano and try the same thing, I get issues not being able to connect to the nano. I flashed up to 1.0.3 and it is still doing the same thing. any ideas on what I should try next now that I've ruled out it's my phone? For info, my phone is the OnePlus One with cyanogenmod on it fully up to date. Thank you.
  5. Sorry I've been away for a few days. Work has been crazy. I haven't tried firmware 1.0.3 yet but I got my nano out while at hockey with my son but the battery isn't charged enough that I will fish upgrading the firmware. As for my phone, I have a OnePlus One on the Bell Network in Canada. I have unlimited data and as far as I know Bell doesn't block my tethering ability at all. Its my work phone and I have some pretty good access on it. The OnePlus is actually mine, and I popped my work simcard in it. It is all up to date with stock Cyanogen OS. Anything I can help with more, or is this issue solved in 1.0.3?
  6. Yes, running the app takes me to the address and let's me log in. If I shut off WiFi, I am no longer able to connect. I guess I need to test connecting to the pineapple over WiFi with my laptop while my phone is tethered to make sure the pineapple is getting internet access. Maybe I can test by connecting to my management AP.
  7. I am having an issue that SSID's I remove are repopulating. I removed my work one, my home one, and my girlfriends SSID from the pool but they reappeared and are showing up as a rogue one. Did I miss a step somewhere about making a list of SSID's to not rogue?
  8. Okay, I am home now and on a laptop. I can get logged in to the nano so long as my phone is connected to my home wifi. If my wifi on my phone is off, I can't seem to connect for some reason. I must have been logged into wifi when I originally set up my nano. Do I have some sort of a configuration problem maybe? Or is it an issue with my phone that my tethering isn't working? It's weird, as soon as I flip on wifi, I can access the pineapple. If I turn it off, I get this proxy error. And thanks for the unlimited posting.
  9. I'm using the WiFi pineapple app. And I can't post any more posts today for some reason. I open the app, it says to enable USB tethering. I hit configure, slide the slider. Then close that and it opens up a webpage and takes me to Which then gives me the proxy error. Its weird. It worked before I left the house.
  10. It worked yesterday and ibused it to load the firmware when I got it on Monday. I have the Oneplus One.
  11. When I try that IP I get the same error. I have a data cable plugged in and have tethering on. The blue light is on solid.
  12. I'm not sure what I've done with my nano. I was working with it yesterday plugged into my Kali laptop. However today I've taken it out and plugged my phone into it to use it and I can't get logged in to it. When I fire up the pineapple app and enable tethering, I get error invalid request or server failure. Http proxy. And the IP I am getting is I'm not sure this is correct and I've tried holding in the reset button for 6 seconds like Seb said in another thread. Any idea what I did wrong with this thing? Thanks.
  13. I wouldn't mind a bit of help with my nano and my mk5.
  14. Bolus: I think you either need to connect to your phone, and use USB tethering with that to get your nano online, or plug in something like an alpha usb adapter (I got one with the booster antenna from the hakshop) and then you would hotspot your phone and have the nano connect online that way. Then it's a matter of wandering around collecting ssids. Or sitting in an um, I think one other person might have mentioned, movie theatre. :)
  15. Well my nano finally arrived today. I was hoping it might make it here on Dec 31, but Canada post take their sweet ass time to deliver mail on a good day. I have it hooked up and am experimenting with the primer video and trying to get the wp6.sh script to run properly on my kali box. I like the tactical bundle. Can't wait to put that monster on my belt and walk around like a boss. Ha!
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