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  1. Laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath at the best of video from the first video post in this thread. The guy really needs to learn before trying to teach:
  2. Drooling lol. Well there's that. Stopped myself from buying a older pineapple when a new season pineapple seems to be on its way :-) Now all I'm concerned about is the Rubber Ducky stock. Unless there upgrading that some how to though I'm not sure there's much to change on it unless cheaper better quality parts allowing the same price or even less. Thanks, made my day with that video :-)
  3. Ok great, I thought the Rubber Ducky and Pineapple kits were gone period, at least brand new ones from the official hak5 shop. Not sure where I should keep an eye out for what kind of time frame your looking at but I guess I'll just be checking all of the forum sections here and there for the post update on the stock situation. Hopefully the post is sticky'd. Thanks! :-D
  4. EDIT TO ABOVE POST!: Sorry I can't seem to edit my above post, possibly because this is a new account? Anyone I just wanted to modify it correcting the fact about the Turtle being in stock. My post is about the Pineapple And Rubber Ducky Stock/Re-Stocking Timeline for the Hak5 Shop reguarding those two items/devices Thanks again! -Dox
  5. hak5Shop Re-Stocking: Pineapples, Rubber Ducky's, LAN Turtles? :-| I've had 3 items on my geek wish list to get around to buying from hak5, a new Pineapple in any kit, a couple Rubber Ducky dongles, and a couple turtles. Now my luck is ALL say out of stock on the Hak5 Store. Thank goodness the Yard Stick is in stock for now because that was another item along with a backup Alfa. I'm sure I could probably find a used one but I would really prefer buying it from the Hak5 store. Being stupid I thought these were Hak5 items planned on continuing to sell and when initially seeing them I saw no mention of these being limited edition items. I actually planned on buying the whole field kit since it seemed a easier way to get mostly everything I wanted. Any idea or word on when the Pineapple, Rubber Ducky, Turtle Devices will be back in stock in the hak5 shop? I am really hoping it's a when and not if :-( I was even considering on offering some penetration testing services locally and these items were like a must have. Thanks in advance to anyone that has heard anything at all, seriously thank you. :-| -Dox
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