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  1. hey folks, are there any specific config options i need to set in my turtle's vpn config to get the server to acknowledge and push the target route to other vpn connections? i followed darren's screenshot exactly as far as my server user permissions but my 'frog' connection doesnt see the 'turtle'-accessible network. from 'frog', once connected to the openvpn server, i am able to ssh into 'turtle', but the vpn gateway subnet i configured in user permissions (on which 'turtle' has as a lan connection to) is not reachable. if i look at my route table on 'frog' after i'm connected to the vpn, i do not see 'turtle's lan connection (the target network). so, from here what i did was go into the openvpn server 'advanced vpn' configuration and added the following command: push "route" i redeployed with the config changes and now, the route table in 'frog' has a route added to the target network, but i am still unable to directly access anything on the target network, so back to square one. any advice? thanks a lot
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