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  1. Thanks dude, I figured it out... I was using the duckencode.jar from the wiki which seems to be outdated. I grabbed the one from google drive; ver 2.6.3 and that worked a charm woohoo! Apparently I'm not allowed to make another post for 24 hrs since I'm an uber noob. - So thanks once again and time for some naughty corner silence :) Cheers!
  2. Hi, Looking for some help, total noob here. I've searched the forum and can't find any answers or similar problems to mine (i'm sure it's a simple noob error). Basically I've tried two different payloads, a simple "hello world" and a wall paper change. Both have the same issue which ends up with the desktop icons being re-named to the actual code that is in the text file / payload, whilst the payload is executing. As far as i'm aware the inject file is compiled correctly, and placed at the root of the ducky micro SD. I've also watched and followed the: Ducky quack start guideWith no luck. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated (trying different delays right now). Cheers
  3. I just got my rubber ducky after work today and I ran into the same issue. I pressed the resend payload button after dismissing the pop-ups and that seemed to work. Cheers
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