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  1. thanks for the 22 info ! as i guessed , but im uable to use the reverse shells , it just loads forever ... the custom port is not setting the sll listener , so i would need to set http port and https to a custom cause port 80 and 443 are already used by apache
  2. good hint ! so tcp 8080 (if used default) 2022 ok , but what about 22 ? do i need to open 22 if i dont ssh into the c2 server ? does the c2 server need port 22 or is that just the common ssh port ( i guess yes ). Still cutom ssl ports needed ! .-)
  3. Would love to have the option to use custom http / https ports . Would make things easier when running with apache... Which ports do i need to open on a selfhosted vps ? (needed ports for c2 to work with devices ) is port 22 needed to be exposed to the internet ? (i guess for the shell access to the devices ) ? Please some more infos :-) Great Update and work !
  4. Sendmail module is missing in firmware .... Reporting is not working , sendmail realted func, would be nice to get a fix
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