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  1. sorry i didntt know where edit button was. i think the new pineapple will be announced soon. i havent seen much software updates and no stock. im sure they are making new version and are busy busy busy. i hear there was wifi issues on the mk so they must fix right? and sd slow?! last hardware was shittt next one will be god i hope. any why Zara say no new pineapple for two year? hak5 is modern company they need new product
  2. i forgot: i hope that they make it more professional. I will wait for the mk6.
  3. why no one beleive me? hak5 has been out of stock for like 4 weeks now. they never had be4. i think they will release fixed hw or sumthin, the current one has Bugs......
  4. I have no proof but think about it! mk5 was released two years ago, they are out of stock and updates is slow lately. just sayin bro, im sure of it
  5. also I hope they keep the same price because i cant afford more expensive
  6. the reason the pineapple is out of stock is because they ran out. most likely the pineapple mk6 is coming in oct or nov but maybe sooner?! waht do you guys think??
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