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  1. Wow, this is awesome :) Where did you get all this data from? I wanted to implement something like this into a basic program I made for the ducky a while back.
  2. I had the same idea but had limited programming knowledge, so I did my best xD https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36708-tool-usb-rubber-ducky-tool/
  3. If you are a newbie like myself and want to use a windows program to edit scripts easily for your Ducky, check out my program below:
  4. If only someone could 3D print a ducky case with a button that had the SD card slot exposed. I would pay for one, so I don't have to constantly open the damn thing.
  5. Would this program help you get going? Or are you saying your computer doesn't even recognize the MicroSD?
  6. I'm unsure if this is what you meant or not, but I think it is. Check out my thread: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/36708-tool-usb-rubber-ducky-tool/ Source: https://github.com/xadamxk/USB-Rubber-Ducky-App
  7. I hope you don't mind, but I added it to the official Rubber Ducky wiki. I gave you credit, but you can remove it if you wish. https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---Android-5.x-Lockscreen
  8. If OP is able to fix the problem mentioned by 'Dice', I'd like to include this in my tool (https://github.com/xadamxk/USB-Rubber-Ducky-App).
  9. I apologize for the late reply, I don't get on here very often. I uploaded the entire project to Github, but the only file users need is this: https://github.com/xadamxk/USB-Rubber-Ducky-App/blob/master/RubberDuckyApp/bin/Debug/RubberDuckyApp.exe EDIT: After the page loads, click the "Raw" button to download the .exe
  10. So I added a function that allows users to select a script from the wiki, along with a custom scripts folder.
  11. That is actually pretty cool! I thought all the rockbox projects were outdated and obsolete now, so I'm glad to see this. As far as being able to assign variables and using loops (I assume that is what you meant by flow control) that is awesome! I wish the ducky could do that.
  12. I just used a razor blade to make that little nitch in the back of the default case big enough to get my nails in. It's crude, but it works.
  13. What the heck are you doing here, strange. The code for the HD combobox (the drop down list) is locked (can't edit values) and it auto-selects the active drive for you. I just allowed users to choose a different HD because why not? xD The code for the MicroSD goes through the array (list) of HD partitions and searches for drive types that contain "Removable" and only list them. And it auto-selects the first removable device as well. I'm in the process of adding a combobox that loads all the scripts from the wiki automatically and lets users load any of the scripts into this application. I'm done with the back end, just need to make it user friendly. Also, how do you edit threads on this forum? I forgot to include my Github xD Edit: The edit button doesn't show up until you have 5 posts.
  14. I don't mean to be a noob, but Karma is build into the PineAP, correct? It seems anytime I try to test the PineAP, it never works like Karma used to on previous firmwares. I can provide an example/pictures if need be D:
  15. I updated my Mark 5 to this firmware about 2 weeks ago and compared to the initial 2.0 release with the original box GUI, it has come a long way. I give mad credit to the developers behind it (and many thanks - you guys rock).
  16. I'm but a noob. Is this a script or something seperate? D:
  17. A huge thanks to the development team behind this. I have updated my Mark V and it works (and looks) great! I just need to find my Mark IV and give it some love too :(
  18. USB Rubber Ducky Tool Windows GUI for USB Rubber Ducky Description This tool was made to help beginner users of the USB Rubber Ducky create and copy payloads directly to their Ducky's MicroSD card. I decided to do this mini project since I am in an Intro C# class. I added all the features/options I could think of and tried to make is as user friendly as possible. I would love any feedback, recommendations, or tips that you have to offer! The GitHub Project Direct Download Features Select HD: Which drive the home directory for the ducky will be made.MicroSD: Which removable storage device the .bin file will be copied to.Refresh Devices: Will refresh the HD and MicroSD options.Keyboard Layout: Allows users to select keyboard layout of scripts using encoder 2.x options. Eject: Ejects the MicroSD card. Save Payload: Saves contents of messagebox to text file. Make .bin: Creates .bin based on the .txt script made using the encoder. Copy .bin: Copies .bin made to removable storage device selected. To-DO List Payload Selection: Allow users to select pre-existing payloads from the Rubber Ducky Wiki.Firmware Options: Ability to change Ducky's Firmware.Recommendations? I'll take any ideas and recommendations users may have!Screenshot
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