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  1. I purchased a Mark V in July and have been successful in getting most functionality to work as expected. However, I have only been able to connect to the internet while connected through a network cable to a computer that does Internet sharing. This works for Internet connections through both Windows and Linux computers, even when the computers are on a home wifi network. The problem I’m having is in getting the Client mode to work over a direct wifi connection to my home wifi networks. I have tried it with two different home routers (Linksys EA6500 and Apple Timecapsule about 5 years old). Here’s what has worked so far: - Pineapple can get to the Internet through a wired connection to a Linux machine on the home wifi networks, with connection sharing turned on - Pineapple can connect to 2 different wifi routers in wifi Client mode and receive a local IP (192.168.1.x and 10.0.1.x) - Pineapple can successfully ping the router and other devices can successfully ping the pineapple What does not work: - Wireless clients connected to the pineapple AP (WLAN0) can not reach the Internet when Pineapple is connected in wireless Client mode (even when it got a local IP address) - Pineapple can not access the Internet over wifi through routers in wireless client mode ((even when it got a local IP address) - Pineapple can not ping external IP addresses (e.g. through the routers I can’t figure out where the connection problem is occurring. I’ve reviewed the Pineapple U video on setting up Client Mode over wifi, but I don’t see any obvious differences. Thanks.
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