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  1. Short Question: Anyone out there knows how i can read out the MK5 Serial (even pineapplestats shows garbage)? > pineapple serial >Your serial is 'W/ÿÿÿ guess "'W/ÿÿÿ" does not look like a SN ?
  2. Ok, got this before.... but still waiting, and waiting, and waiting... time loop ? Next time i'll try a " wget --mirror --no-parent --no-host-directories http://downloads.openwrt.org/attitude_adjustment/12.09/ar71xx/generic/packages/" !
  3. Jee... still down!?! That's really annoying! Does anyone know if the packages here: [ https://downloads.commotionwireless.net/nightly/ar71xx/packages/] R compat with [ http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages ] ??? Will it work if I change in opkg.conf the repo URL temporarily ? DFLT CONF: src/gz pineapple_packages http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages dest root / dest ram /tmp lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists option overlay_root /overlay dest usb /sd dest sd /sd Hope they will cloud.wifipineapple.com bing back 2 life next week ! P.S.: Ohh... i see ! The essential packages are m
  4. O.K. - so far so good! SebKinne did it (thanX)! Able to install infusions, show IP in Netwok Tile worX ! But... still unable to install any dependencies (for infusions) with opkg (even the opkg update itself - wget 1 error). Seems that the openWRT repo is still down ... Any time schedule when they will be back online again || is there any backup repo?
  5. Hmmm see Thread "Scheduled Server Downtime" (Post of SebKinne). Seems the openWRT repo is still down - so no dependencies :-(
  6. Hello JaSager Team, i've recently factory revertet my MK5 and now i am still unable to install new infusions. is there a change in the repo location or can i download opkgs manually somehwere else (even to archive them)? BTW: the Show IP function in the Network Tile does not work anymore - there is displayed a "login" html code every time U click at it :-(
  7. It's a really BIG advantage if U can READ.... jut got the answer @the BeNe post - thanX a lot !
  8. Hell-Low H5 FolkZ @SF, Just got a new Turtle and waz playin around with it. Seems to be quite k3wL, but there are problems with the mac changer of the wan interface. 1st issue - it does not work - the interface goes down and does not come back (eth1). after manually /etc/init.d/network restart all worx fine (with static IP settings and faked mac 2 deploy device in an secured environment with mac binding). 2nd issue - how can i make the mac change persist a power cycle. I want to deply that tiny device in a secured environment with static ip settings and mac binding. So i will loose contact
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