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  1. There have been no updates to any of the devices for 6 months or more.... The firmware is buggy. We have been mislead into believing there would be new firmware for the new devices.... which there has NOT.... also, we have been mislead into believing there would be a update to Mk5 to the latest firmware, yet there isn't. Even these forums, the support is lacking... You are QUICK to respond to criticism but... how about some actual software updates for hundreds of dollars in hardware we have spent our money on?!? NOTHING has been updated. The latest update to the Nano looks like March, and the other devices December... and the Mk5 a year ago............ If this has to be explained to you then... we are in bigger trouble than I first thought. smh.
  2. Hak5 has turned into a garbage operation. There aren't any updates to anything, even the latest hardware. Nothing but misleading nonsense, I just can't believe they continue to take people's money for these devices when they have all but stop supporting them.
  3. They have been promising a update for over 6 months - the Mk5 is more or less a brick now. They have not provided any support since the new ones came out and nothing but LIES.
  4. wow, so now i see they are not even keeping up with the firmware on the newly purchased devices. maybe they need to bring in some more people to work on this - they sure don't seem to have a problem taking our money for the hardware. i have been disappointed in the status of the Mk5 development but now seeing that there hasn't been in movement on the newly purchased units I have even less hope.... They have taken in thousands of our dollars for the hardware - and now there is nothing but confusion on the forums for all the current devices back to the Mk5. it's bad enough they only released the new firmware to the new hardware to push people to buy the new hardware and now they don't even keep up with that. the firmware should have been released for the Mk5 at the same time the new devices were released. instead they wanted to suck more money from us and now there is not even proper communication about any of it. the best feedback we get is - someone saw a project board *months* ago with issues and that they are busy with life. Sorry guys but - that just isn't good business. I will check back in a couple months and hope for the best I suppose.
  5. UM... What?!?!? Narrow Minded?!? lmao - so I am supposed to be ok that paid 200 bucks for a PENTESTING device less than a year ago and now it's use has been reduced to a 10 dolla access point? all because the people who make the device released a new device and seem to be only supporting / updating the new device. we have been waiting patiently for months now with really no official release date or anything. I am sure they are thinking if they make us wait long enough we will just drop ANOTHER couple hundred dollars on the new device. I am sorry but that is a bunch of NONSENSE!
  6. I wish they would release it already. This device has been useless for months without it.
  7. I have seen speculation on top of speculation, as well as some confirmation from the makers. SOOOO, with that... 1. Are we getting the new firmware? 2. When might we see anything regarding this release? Please, no speculation in this thread and no re-quotes of various people saying things in different threads as I have seen it all.... Would love someone who ACTUALLY knows to respond and give your many customers that have your device some sort of update on the new firmware. Thank you A long time customer.
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