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  1. Just received my Tetra via DHL and doing a wireless sec audit next week. So playing around this weekend and see what this beast is capable off next week. Should be fun
  2. Hi, Will there be a wp6.sh that I can use on my mac?
  3. Ok, already found it. The reset button wasn't working ok. I found a break in the soldering connection. After desoldering everything worked as described.
  4. Hi, I followed the steps in the unbricking part, but I cannot to the turtle on either IP address. It doesn't get by dhcp and when i manually assign a address it "holds" for about 10-15 seconds and it then disappears. Unsure how to proceed next.
  5. Hi, After upgrading the Lan Turtle via the menu it seems dead. Coast reach it anymore and only the green led lights. I've followed the "unblocking" guidelines from the wiki, but no IP address is coming and when I assign it statically it doesn't "keep" it. So I cannot reach the Lan Turtle to unbrick it.
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