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  1. Bump up! This would indeed be a nice feature to have, as not all keyboards are configured equal, here in Quebec most people use Canadian French, but some people use Canadian Multilingual, and this causes me an headache every time I need to use quotation marks (") on a script because on CF it is SHIFT+2 but on CM it's SHIFT+. therefore my script isn't bulletproof, would be nice to be able to simply send ALT+3+4 to evade possible configuration issues. (though I think this method might only work on Windows boxes) So far haven't found any solution, I am guessing the issue is at the firmw
  2. You are Awesome! Having so much fun so far with this little beast! Keep up the good stuff coming ;)
  3. Hi, When you say : Do you mean you have set as the IP of your pineapple ASIX in Windows? , if so, it should be, cause it is the default gateway the pineapple will look for to get Internet, the internal's pineapple address is default to, so you don't have to set it, Also, the mask is supposed to be, Here is a quick video Darren made on the subject, it is with Win 10 but it is similar to some extent, https://youtu.be/Nv1eiIwOPKo Hope this helps ;) Quick EDIT : Also, if you'd like to use your kali VM, don't forget to setup the USB passth
  4. Hi there... I found out this is still happening in 1.0.5, dunno if I'm setting up things wrong here... No reports are generated, even tried setting up 'Send Report via email' option, still no luck, The only 'report' I get is one at midnight, ending in '00-00.tar.gz', but it still contains the wrong data as mentioned in the previous post. Has anyone managed to set up the reports and been able to generate a valid one?
  5. The Ethernet interface on the nano is the USB ASIX, when you plug it in your computer you should notice a new 'Ethernet adapter' : On linux it will manifest as a new ethX device, where X is, I guess the highest eth number you have since it is most likely the last you plugged in, (you can confirm it is detected with lsusb) On Windows, you'll see a new 'Local Area Connection', I renamed mine to Pineapple to find it easily... What you need to do is : press the reset button while plugging it in, wait for your SBL then setup its IP to (netmask and follow Darren's post
  6. Are you using a short cable or a short 180­ degree adapter? I'd like to be able to fit this in the tactical pouch, I currently have a similar battery in size, it fits the tactical pouch neatly, the only downside is that the battery is a bit too thick for the supplied 180 degree connector so I got to leave the flap opened to connect it with a bulky USB extension. if you have any compact usb extension/adapter to point me towards I'd be interested ;)
  7. I tried that, it works, the pineap.log gets saved in a folder on the SD card, the problem is when I set up the reports to be generated every hour, as on my previous screenshot, it doesn't generate the report hourly. I have left the pineapple run overnight, it's been more than 12 hours running with pineAP logging probes and associations, I woke up this morning and I had only one file under the "/sd/wifipineapple_reports" named : WiFi_Pineapple_Report_2016-01-15-00-00.tar.gz . Opening that archive revealed only a folder containing two files, here are the contents: probing_clients.csv site_s
  8. Hello there, So far I have tried multiple configurations and I don't seem to be able to save the reports to my SD card, I have set the reports to be produced every hour and to include everything, see screenshot below.. Also, the reporting doesn't seem to clear the PineAP logs... I don't know if this is a known issue for other people so I thought of discussing it here before posting anything on the bugs tracking page, Next step for me was to try a factory reset to see if it helps...
  9. I have found this "Cute USB Mini 2-Port USB 2.0 Hub Splitter" on amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Cute-USB-2-Port-Splitter-White/dp/B00A81ISJ6 For about 10 bucks I guess it'll do the job, it even comes in 6 different color/finishes! Haven't found any cheaper solutions yet, so I think I might order one of these soon enough..
  10. No, I know that, but the behavior of Android is as I said, even with the app, What the app seems to do to help is catch that DHCP address that is assigned to the pineapple and then open a browser to that address port 1471, The issue is when I want to use the SSH terminal, I have to copy the said DHCP address from the browser, I can simply not reach from the android device, which would simplify things a lot for me, as far as the Web UI can go, sometimes I need a quick SSH session going to fiddle some things up.. I am simply wondering what prevents us from accessing the 172.16.42
  11. I have noticed similar behavior on my Nexus 5, When you enable internet tether, android automagically assigns an address to your USB device via DHCP. The problem is, at least on my Nexus 5, that Android doesn't have a way of recognizing what is the device that you are tethered to, so it assigns a new random IP each new time you plug it in or reboot it, therefore we are asking to remember the password only for that new IP each time... One time I was lucky to receive an address I had previously saved the password for and it logged me in right away. To make things worse, the net
  12. Again, I performed an AP & Clients scan while PineAP was running and I managed to freeze the device one more time, Tried an ifconfig and it never completed... even Ctrl+C wouldn't stop it.. I had to close my terminal window and reconnect via ssh to issue the reboot command. This time though issuing the reboot command didn't solve the problem completely, upon completing the reboot all was fine except for the Wlan1 that was missing somehow, I issued the "iw phy1 info" command and didn't get the expected output, only help was displayed, Simply disconnecting the power and reconnecting it
  13. Indeed! I edited the post with the correct file path ;) Thank you for pointing that out,
  14. Perfect! This was indeed the config option that was missing on the relay server, Thank you very much for your support :)
  15. Here are the steps I took to recreate the bug just a few minutes ago: First thing boot up the pineapple with the fresh firmware (factory defaults) so it isn't old configuration issue... Then in order I did: Load Bulletins from the dashboard to confirm I have ICS working In the "Recon" tab I selected : AP & Client, 15 seconds, and performed the scan So far all good, so I went to the PineAP tab to set up the Daemon:Checked the 4 first boxes and clicked "Save PineAP Settings" Enabled "Beacon Response" only and hit "Save PineAP Settings" again Checked that PineAP is logging stuff in the "Lo
  16. Hello, I have found out that when I use the PineAP daemon, and perform a recon scan from the GUI, it often fails, leaving the pineapple in a vegetable state, I mean, it completely hangs if I issue any network-related commands, even loading the "Network" page was enough to crash it earlier today, Does anyone experiences the same problem? if so, is this a bug or are these two applications simply incompatible? I'd like to be able to perform a scan now and then to see more clients to deauth without having to stop the PineAP daemon, Can someone shed some light on this?
  17. Hello there, I was playing around with my pineapple and managed to set up a reverse ssh with autossh so I can connect to my pineapple through my home server even if the pineapple is on another network, So far much fun, but today I was wondering if it would be possible to tunnel the http traffic from the WebGUI on port 1471 to my server using the same idea...? So far I tried with a similar config to the reverse SSH tunnel in /etc/config/autossh : config autossh option ssh '-i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -N -T -R 420:localhost:22 root@example.com' option gatetime '0' option m
  18. No worries, I think I was still asleep when I wrote this post, Finally managed to get to the default IP and proceed with the firmware loading ( for anyone wondering), after loading the firmware, the pineapple rebooted, and I connected my android device to do the config with the app, now I am at the initial configuration page, all is OK!
  19. Hello, I just received my pineapple today and was trying to set it up, but all I get is the blue light blinking 2 times and then turning off, I can't ssh into it or access the web interface. It seems that I received a broken unit or else I might be doing something wrong, followed the instructions but I can't get the light to go solid on the pineapple. I tried connecting it to my Linux box and I can see it appear in dmesg.. it almost seems to me there is no firmware on it..?! Any ideas on how to get it up and running?
  20. Hi, I am having a similar problem, I can't access either the web interface or SSH, my pineapple is detected in dmesg but I can't talk to it... I tried the physical reset but no luck... any ideas?
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