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  1. Having a lot of fun with quickcreds (mad props on the bunny!), but it seems it just returns the ntlmv2 hash (as expected, same type of thing you would get with responder using the lanturtle) - my question is, as a relative novice, I know I can crack ntlmv2 with hashcat (given enough horsepower and time), but any good guides on how to "pass the hash" in an rdp scenerio? What other fun stuff can you do with the hashed NTLMv2 password? Btw - Darren, I too got the red light bug after trying to run the install_tools payload, but, I made a mistake I think others ran into....copying the p
  2. Odd. It just started working - please disregard my earlier comment. Anyhow...Bravo Darren, this little thing is great!
  3. It appears this issue is back, like others earlier...just got the lanturtle, ssh into it, and go to download modules and while I'm able to get to lanturtle.com, and see the modules list, I cant actually download or install any.....any thoughts on this Darren? I should say I did update it first and that did work.
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