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  1. ok i managed to fix it by myself :) since i had my website on a localhost i portforwarded the port and then changed the website address with the ip address+port. BTW with landing page and evil portal when i try to connect to one of my spoofed wifi networks i always get the "sign in to WI-FI network" message on my android phone showing me this annoying blank page (take a look at the pic). Is there any way to turn this request off? (the only way i know is by turning off evil portal or Landing Page :P )
  2. same... i just created a new portal and used my php script into the index.php . Same stuff.. "too many redirects" . as i said, i'm into a loop :P
  3. Okay guys i think i found the problem here... mine is an http website, and the "Landing Page" just redirects every http website to another page, in this case the other page is my http website.. so it's everything a loop. Any idea to fix this issue?
  4. <?php header ('Location: http://www.website.com/'); exit(); ?> i use this kind of script, but i don't think this is the problem because i already used it successfully with other websites..
  5. Hi guys i'm looking for a fast way to redirect all http traffic to my website, i tried with the "landing page" option where you can write your own php script. I wrote a simple php script that redirects automatically to my website but when i connect then to a spoofed wifi network i get a server error whenever i try to visit some http website. The error says something like this "too many redirects" and so i can't be able to see my website. Can you guys help me to fix this little thing? :) Thanks!
  6. well.. coming back to the real point of this thread... there's no way to downgrade to 1.0.3 even if i have my .bin file, right?
  7. I just updated my pineAp firmware to the latest 1.0.5 .. well i already encountered some problems after this update like the "ssid pool" that doesn't show anymore all the nearby AP ssid's . Even if i try to add them manually to the pool it doesn't work, the pool keep being empty. Another problem is uninstalling modules, when i go to "manage modules" and click the "remove" button it doesn't work at all.. i keep having my module installed. the third problem is the "Access Points" box in the "Networking" section, sometimes when i change the Open Ap Name and refresh the page i still get the default Open AP name. Is there any way to downgrade the firmware to the 1.0.3? or maybe a way to factory reset my pineAP? Everything worked like a charm in the 1.0.3 firmware but after 1.0.4 i found several problems..
  8. Okay guys, i finally managed to do what i wanted to do :) sorry for my lots of questions! thanks guys
  9. perfect! thanks a lot for the explaination, now it's all clear! :) PS: do i have to connect my "pineAP laptop" to the free-wifi too and redirect the traffic through the pineAP or can i also use the 3G connection from my android-phone and redirect it to my pineAP? i mean in order to perform what u just said can i use another "internet source" like 3g connection or i just have to use the free-wifi AP traffic?
  10. Oh well now it's clear :) so if i go, for example, into my college where there is a Free-Wifi i could turn on the pineap as you said, configuring the internet connection sharing and it will automatically say to the devices nearby "hey i am Free-Wifi Access Point" tricking and connecting them to it rather than the real Free-Wifi AP, right?
  11. so wait, let's say i have an open internet connection nearby called free-wifi, now i wanna create a network with the same name that provides internet connection. let's say i have my laptop connected to my router, i connect it to the PineAP with the usb and that's ok. Now i just have to configure the wifi network, i just want to know how, i mean i know how to do that but if i use Kali linux to create a new wifi network without protection i can connect to it but of course there's no internet for this network. I can't be connected just to this new network, i should also have something that provides me internet connection in order to share it to the victim clients. So can you explain me how to set up this damn fake AP that takes internet traffic from my home router? and of course at the end i would like to see on my dashboard all the clients connected to this network.
  12. sorry but i can't understand the first part, why should i set up an open connection on my VICTIM laptop? Maybe you wanna say i have to set up an open connection on my "PineAP-controller pc" . I can't get physical access to every single client device wtf. just imagine me walking around with my PineAP that takes internet traffic from the 3G connection through my android-phone and that redirects and spread the traffic with the open AP created by the PineAP. Why should i set up connection on, as you said, victim laptops?
  13. Okay i think i found the problem, as you said i only configured my management access point with a wpa following the Darren Kitchen's video on yt Can you explain me how to configure an open access point instead of using the management AP? i couldn't find a guide anywhere, just followed the instructions on the video. Thanks! and sorry for my incompetence, but at least, i learn fast.
  14. I've already seen the video, but i can't find answers to my question, i have my "victim" client laptop which is connected to the internet through the PineAP. Let me explain with a schema: [ROUTER] ---connected via wifi to--- [KALI] ---connected via ethernet/usb to--- [PINEAP] • at this point the PineAP provides a new wifi network that i called WIFI-FREE, so: WIFI-FREE (network powered by pineAP) \ \ \ [My "victim" client laptop] When my "victim" client laptop connects to my new wifi network powered by PineAP i can't see it on the dashboard, i can't see for example the mac address or the IP address. Is this ok? i thought the clients counter on the dashboard was for every client which is connected to the wifi network provided by the PineAP. Hope you will understand my schema's . Sorry for this kinda stupid question
  15. Hi guys i'm new here and after a month i finally managed to receive my pineapple nano, i finished the configuration and everything it's ok. I have a question regarding the clients counter, i just connected my imac and my phone to the wifi network created with the pineapple nano and everything seems to work like a charm (internet connection included) except that i can't see on the dashboard any client connected. Do i have to check some kind of option? thanks :)
  16. Hi guys i saw a video from hak5 on youtube about reverse shell on windows, I downloaded on my kali distro "Simple Ducky" and i created a script following the video. Everything works fine except 2 things: I have kali on a VM and once finished my script the terminal ask me if I wanna start the listener (just like the video) so i press Y. The weird stuff is that it doesn't appear my ip on the listener but only the port, just like this: 6666 The second thing is that when I start the script on my other pc with windows 8 everything works fine except the red error on the terminal (you can see it on the pic). how can i fix it? PS: every pc is under the same LAN. This is the video i saw:
  17. Well, i don't know how but I solved! :) thank you btw for your time!
  18. yes i'm sure ahaha i'm always using the sd card they sent me with the usb rubber ducky. btw i noticed that now the scripts are working fine, i don't know why. tomorrow i will do other tests and let you know :)
  19. Hi guys I just received my new usb rubber ducky and i started writing something easy, the first test has been the "hello world!" which worked perfectly. But i tried writing a new easy script on notepad like this: GUI r STRING chrome DELAY 1000 STRING facebook.com ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING myemailaddress RIGHTARROW STRING mypassword RIGHT ARROW ENTER As you can see its an easy script which allow me to log in into my facebook account. Then i encoded it with duckencode.jar and then i put the inject.bin into the root of the sd card. The problem is that when i plug my usb rubber ducky on my pc it starts the "Hello World!" script which i deleted from the sd card, I also tried with a DELAY 5000 on the top of this last script but nothing, in order to load the new script i have to press the button on the usb one or two times. How can i solve this problem? I just wanna put my usb and start the last script i wrote without pressing any button.
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