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  1. Thanks for sorting it. Seriously thinking I was going mad! i.j working fine now no issues at all. Sorry for late reply I had made my max number of posts apparently!
  2. I have the same issue as I.j , I'm not seeing errors like you are though.
  3. Ethernet is connected and working. Ping lanturtle.com etc... Working fine. Lights flash as they should and as per video. But as the other guys have mentioned when you hit enter on directory in the module manager it does nothing and returns you to the menu to select directory etc... Again. Problem is never shows or lists or does anything to do with the modules. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Just received my LAN turtle today! Only 3 days to the UK! I have updated the software fine, its come back up no problem but I cant install any modules. Follwed the video, gone to module manager > configure > directory > sure you want to connect > Yes It then just takes me straight back to the configure page, never shows any modules I have tried this on my Linux desktop, Windows VM and my Linux laptop and it is the same behaviour on all. Hopefully someone knows what is going on! Cheers
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