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  1. Can someone at least respond? "Yes, I can show you where to find the files."...."Sorry, we want to help, but we don't know the answer"....."No, we hate you, go away and figure it out yourself".....ANYTHING! ......This is becoming somewhat disheartening.
  2. Where can I find mrmath's version of PJ? (That's the latest version right?) The link is expired, and I don't see it on CF's sourceforge page. To all of you working on improving PJ: I thank you all wholeheartedly for devoting your time and efforts, but is it possible to start a new sticky post (like the noob post) and devote it solely to updates on new versions and available downloads? As the PJ project expands and new branches are created, it's becoming increasingly difficult to locate the appropriate files.
  3. I just noticed that It's not the GENRE that's tagged, but the COMMENT. The comment now shows Station info.
  4. "genre.setstation" is not in the CF6 default.properties file. Is it safe to assume that this is the line to be added? genre.setstation.enabled=true
  5. I decided to give CF5 a go, and this is what happened: In this order: 13 songs with unknown album/tagging 1 correctly tagged with album and track info 3 songs unknown album/tagging switched to Quick Mix station --> stopped ripping mp3s entirely --> I got this as an error message, "Same MD5 as last time (stopping!)," so I turned off mp3md5 in default properties, and this error message started showing up instead: "MP3 mismatch recorded: f584416dc9298441f775a62a42cb5582" Since I use Quick Mix very often and having properly tagged albums is more important to me than having stati
  6. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to the order of songs getting tagged. I've had all of this happen: correct, wrong, wrong, wrong, correct, correct, wrong wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, correct, wrong, etc etc correct, wrong, correct, wrong wrong wrong, There's really no pattern as far as I can tell......ALTHOUGH, I am noticing that the SAME songs seem to get tagged correctly each time when the songs are replayed. I can usually tell when the songs are being tagged with everything and when it is tagged with only artist/title info because the latter doesn't create an album subdirectory and
  7. I have the same problem....sometimes it tags everything, sometimes it doesn't..... ahh!
  8. PJ would tag artist/album/year/track/title/genre for one song, then the next song only artist/album would be tagged. I don't touch any settings in between. I've also never gotten album cover tagging to work. I'm using PJ version beta 7.4.0. (Is there a stable version available for download?) I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and I've read through pages and pages in this forum. Can someone please help me?
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