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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to share a little script I made to trigger PineAP & Karma if my phone connects to my management AP. As soon as my device with the specified MAC address connects to it, PineAP and Karma are started (including some visual feedback using the LEDs). When the device disconnects from the AP, PineAP & Karma are turned off. #!/bin/bash <<COMMENT1 Script that checks if a defined MAC address is connected to the hotspot on interface wlan0-1. If the device is connected, the pineapple automatically starts to generate wifi-honeypots. On client dissconnect the honeypots are turned off. COMMENT1 triggerMAC="FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF" #Checks if a client with the defined MAC connects to AP client=`iw dev wlan0-1 station dump | grep "$triggerMAC"` echo "Starting to listen for " #Wait for client to connect while [ -z "$client" ]; do sleep 1 client=`iw dev wlan0-1 station dump | grep "$triggerMAC"` done #Notification to WebGUI on client connect pineapple notify "Client connected" #LED animation for visual feedback for i in {1..3} do pineapple led red on pineapple led blue on pineapple led yellow on sleep 1 pineapple led red off pineapple led blue off pineapple led yellow off sleep 1 done pineapple notify "Firing up PineAP and Karma" #Start PineAP pineapple module PineAP start sleep 5 pineapple led yellow on echo "Starting dogma" #Start dogma pineapple module PineAP dogma start sleep 2 echo "Starting responder" #Start beacon responder pineapple module PineAP responder start sleep 2 #Start collecting SSID pineapple module PineAP harvester start pineapple led blue on sleep 5 #Start Karma, to allow client assosiation echo "Starting Karma" pineapple karma start pineapple led red on sleep 5 #Turn LEDs off => for animation pineapple led red off pineapple led blue off pineapple led yellow off #While client is connected, LED animation is running => visual feedback while [ ! -z "$client" ]; do pineapple led yellow on sleep 1 pineapple led yellow off pineapple led blue on sleep 1 pineapple led blue off pineapple led red on sleep 1 pineapple led red off pineapple led blue on sleep 1 pineapple led blue off #Check if client is still connected client=`iw dev wlan0-1 station dump | grep "$triggerMAC"` done #Stop Pineap pineapple notify "Client diconnected! Stopping PineAP and Karma!" pineapple karma stop sleep 5 pineapple module PineAP stop sleep 5 #Reset LEDs to work in default mode pineapple led reset echo "PineAP was shutdown" Hope you guys like it :) Cheers MrGadget
  2. ok guy it's up, sorry for tha ugly code... Hope it helps ^^ https://github.com/MrG4dget/internetShareGui
  3. @Darren: I did not plan to release the source code as it's quick, dirty and uncommented. But if you'd like to check it out. no problem :-) @Barry: I made an eror during export of the stl. It's ment to be printed on the straight edge (so 90° flip). Like that the mount will not snap as fast.
  4. @Darren: I used wp5.sh as reference and created a simple GUI to make internet sharing easier and faster. Currently its pretty hacky but it lists all available interfaces and allows manual change Main View Interface selection (ethernet, wifi or in that case usb tethering) After hitting "Save" a little confirmation pop-up:
  5. Correction, it's a 7'' display ^^ Should be the same as http://www.amazon.de/Waveshare-Capacitive-LCD-HDMI-Beaglebone/dp/B015E8EDYQ
  6. @Havenbreaker 1. The case was a cheaper replica of a Pelican Case 1450. Same dimensions, but much cheaper. 2. It's a 9'' LCD-Touch display that runs on 5[V] so there is no mix of different voltage levels. I made a simple GUI for internet sharing, so that it can be done via simple presses on the touchscreen :) Desktop overlay information is displayed using conky
  7. @Darren: Thanks a lot for the update! I prefer to wait for a product that works well. keep up the good work!
  8. Ok, so I finished the first "minimal" design. It holds the Nano very well and is Printed out pretty fast ~45 minutes. Will keep working on a more "fancy" one as soon as I find the time. Check out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1244841 Here a few pics of the mount in action:
  9. @turtlebacon: thx a lot, I could add some loops so that one could add velcro strips to keep everything in place. otherwise every setup (usb-hub, juice pack) would need a custom case...
  10. I hope not, but who knows, sometimes one just wants to have options ;) here a first sketch with active cooling using a 15mm 5V micro fan:
  11. @Seb: Thank you for your kind words! Indeed I planned to add some cutouts in the final version. I guess I will add a bunch of changes, once I have my NANOs. Working on a version with a 15mm fan for active cooling Gruss Gadget
  12. @turtlebacon: I figured only one would suffice, will need some testing before :) Good idea adding a fan to the setup! Will be a bit more complex but I'll give it a shot ;)
  13. Finished the first version of the NANO mount. Will adjust all the dimensions, once I get my hands on my NANOs (hopefully tomorrow ). What do you guys think about it? Using double-sided adhesive tape mounted anywhere you want. Thread the NANOs USB-Plug through the hole and press it down, so that the RP-SMA antenna is latched in. Cheers MrGadget
  14. @barry: Awesome job! Thank you very much! Will soon post the first version.
  15. @Mr-Protocol: thx for the link! @Darren: Would be great to have the CAD files for the final case (technical drawings would be good aswell) :-) Looking to make a functional mount that could be printed fast while still providing air circulation to ensure proper function of the NANO. If you don't have the files available, I just need to wait for the NANOs to arrive and the measure it by hand. Cheers MrGadget
  16. Hi guys, I ordered the NANO and while I'm waiting I figured, I'll design a nice wall-mount for it :D I was wondering, if it might be possible, to get the detailed dimensions of the NANO or even better, the CAD drawings. it would make it a lot easier to get it right with the correct dimensions :) Cheers MrGadget
  17. Hello Guys, Got a LAN turtle at defcon and love it so far :D Now i was curious if you might post a tutorial on how to cross compile c code (originally running on 32-bit systems), so one could port some self coded projects to the LAN turtle. Should be possible, right? Keep up the good work and looking forward to future developments. Cheers MrGadget
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