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  1. I just noticed, there are a couple of errors in this. xD That should just be "how you check files" not "how you han… https://t.co/Msp7PV8Aq8

  2. @MatPatGT What you need to do now is play the game again. But this time: BUY AND SALVAGE ALL OF THE ROBOTS OR SOMET… https://t.co/YBqDn3sh2z

  3. New slate, Thanks for https://t.co/5LVsapaGFS in helping me clean this account.

  4. @discordapp So.... https://t.co/DMDv1mFxby Explain? What kind of F'ed up thing v3rm did now?

  5. @MatPatGT A favor. Investigate this: https://t.co/A2wGcP5ZXu If you find anything, Do what you do best. I know its old, but its for the fans

  6. @tux_mind (Message continued.) or threatens to take down your project, let me know. I have a couple of friends who can help.

  7. @kalilinux https://t.co/VrAxqa7FjP? wtf? Its blocking apt-update. Please fix!

  8. @lomadia Hannah. (YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS! XD) You know the last boss in the game? He has a killswitch. https://t.co/KlUwSdwJam XD

  9. @MindstormsDK Can you please fix the Mono-tunnel for android app please? Its annoying that we cant use it and most of us are not programmers

  10. @InTheLittleWood XD @CaffCast

  11. @yogscast Yellow stained clay.

  12. @Chief_Engi_Scot Heya

  13. @Raspberry_Pi No more Raspberry pi zero's in stock. :( When are they going to be in stock again?

  14. @InTheLittleWood https://t.co/ixP5VQ9Gr8 - ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS!? CAN YOU PROVE THESE FAKERS WRONG!? #AntiBanRumors.

  15. @InTheLittleWood Monstercats bot has just died WHILE im streaming.... :/ (my twitch name is fs8876 but you proably know that by now.)

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