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  1. Hello, I am looking for a packet sniffing program to get password. What are some good programs that work with windows 10 and easy to use. I have tried WireShark but can not get to work.
  2. Okay so what does that mean? I researched it.
  3. Hey, I really need some help! MY WiFi Pineapple does not do noting you or anyone does from Krama to sslstrip. I really need some help and trying everything to make it work but nothing works. I do the step by step videos and what not but It keep not working right. Nothing shows in the sslstrip when i run it and try facebook... Karma seemd not to work for me i have to manually get on the WiFi pineapple. It just might be me missing a step somehow but i don't think i am. If anyone can help by saying what it might be it might just save me from going crazy.
  4. I do every thing in every video the same way but nothing works... I am trying to use the Karma and the sslstirp but nothing show up. i join the pineapples WiFi on my other pc but when i try to sing on to Facebook ext. nothing pops to show that I logged in signed in. I have watch every video on YouTube about 7 times each and nothing is working. From the video to my layout look all the same it just does not want to work. I need help bad. What do you think I can do or change that may let me not want to kill something.
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