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  1. Is your switch position in the correct place? This payload shouldn't install a network adapter, which is why I ask, and that is what it sounds like it's doing... ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE From my experience, some of these payloads don't seem to be 100% and will require you to dink around a bit to get them to work. This was one of them for me. I couldn't get it to work and had to rewrite it before I got anywhere.
  2. I ran the netsh command on a Windows 10 laptop logged in as a user that's a standard user and it returns the clear text pw. If you try to get past UAC as a standard user, that won't work though.
  3. What are you using to access it via a serial connection? What settings are you using?
  4. If I'm not misunderstanding the question, I don't think it's possible. Once you setup autossh it starts a reverse tunnel to a host that you can use to manage the turtle. The reason you can connect to the turtle when its connected to your USB port is because you're technically on "its" network at that point.
  5. Having the same issue with every module it seems. SSHFS is enabled and functioning, but when you try to configure modules to save the log using sshfs, it doesn't work. Quite a pita. Using urlsnarf and you can start it, but it doesn't log anywhere. If you go to configure and you tell it to save the log location to /tmp or to SSHFS, it selects, you hit ok, go back into the configuration and it's right back to "do not save log file". I've tried several things, like rebooting the turtle and rebooting my linux machine, but nothing works reliably. I'm getting to the point, just like with the Pineapple, of just using the command line and running things manually.
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