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  1. How much radiation does the wifi pineapple nano cause? Is it a lot and overtime be bad or dangerous to pets and kids? What is the radiation amount compared to? I would be using it stock from the box. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I just got a usb rubber ducky in the past couple of days. I ran the OS X 10 second root on my other computer to test how it works. https://github.com/mosca1337/OSX-10-Second-Root How can I get rid of it from my computer because it is taking up a port?
  3. I am really serious. I just want to make sure it causes no harm or radiation. So it has the same as just a regular rougher or macbook? Thanks.
  4. Does this cause any radiation. Also, would it be dangerous for my 12 year old to be around it all the time. I don't want it to cause radiation.
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