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  1. Yea, i just wanted to get HTTP data, not HTTPS. But i'll start with that. Thanks!
  2. Hi all! hopefully this hasn't been posted anywhere else... I wanted to see if anyone could help me with an issue. here's the scenario: I have a "victim" box (windows 7) that I want to MITM using arpspoof. From there, the MITM machine (kali) will redirect any incoming HTTP connections on port 80 to another server in the cloud (VPS) which is hosting a transparent proxy to backdoor any exe's that pass through it. The idea is that I have a drop box on a lan, MITM the victim machine. The victim then browses to the web to download putty. during this, the victim is passing all the traffic through my
  3. Hi all! Just wanted to share something that might help other Lan Turtlers out there. One of the things I wanted to do with my lan turtle was to pivot my tools from my local box through the turtle. One such way is to use proxychains to proxy your local tools through your VPS in the cloud, and out through your turtle. My setup: [Local Kali box] --> (Router) --> [VPS] --> [turtle, which is inside victim network] I ran into trouble trying to figure out how to setup an SSH proxychain to it...found this article which worked right away: https://superuser.com/questions/332850/ssh-as-sock
  4. Quick thing: Can anybody walkthrough the settings they have enabled on their OpenVPN access server? I have the "client gateway" box checked, and the correct subnet to route to, but the VPN still won't route to my internal network (when i'm external connected to the access server). Anybody have clear directions on what settings they have enabled on the access server?
  5. Hey Darren, quick question: I wanted to setup my turtle with AutoSSH, but my server's ssh port is not 22 (i changed it to a different port). I was able to create an ssh tunnel using the command line from the turtle, but I can't seem to get it to work from the module itself. I tried to add my port number to the end of the host info (i.e user@serverport -p XXXX), but everytime I try to save it, it drops the port number. Any help? Thanks! -- Jon
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