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  1. First time ever at @Benihana and the manager in Troy was completely off putting and non compassionate. Never will I… https://t.co/63HPfiRb5b

  2. RT @MalwareTechBlog: Comparing Fortnite to PUBG is like comparing Duck Hunt to actual duck hunting ?

  3. RT @CushKobain: “Meyahh, it's the Roc see.” https://t.co/3tWlbqGknW

  4. @mubix @3ndG4me_ @GEGhostRed @clamsecurity They still have it going... I won GhostRed in 2016 and got a job at GE f… https://t.co/BMA9fwxZY7

  5. RT @cyb3rops: People report that my YARA signatures for #Mimikatz match on legitimate and signed software by a well-known vendor (no finger…

  6. RT @AllDefDigital: Kim and Kanye have named their baby girl Chicago West Twitter: https://t.co/Mexdy6l5i6

  7. RT @polotek: Let's be real y'all. The vast majority of software is still built with no design or user experience expertise on the team. htt…

  8. RT @EFF: While we continue the fight for rights online, we remember Aaron Swartz, who we lost 5 years ago today, and who taught us that we…

  9. RT @thekennedib: they entered the house (no shots fired), let her cock the gun (no shots fired), and wave the gun around until finally shot…

  10. RT @kissmeQuan: Imagine being in jail for selling small amounts of weed and turning on the tv to see THIS shit. Cold https://t.co/4QXqULDOOZ

  11. Wasn’t that a 3 6 mafia beat first tho?? https://t.co/5iCkKDA8lZ

  12. RT @thereaIbanksy: Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.

  13. RT @raylevant: ? Talk to em granny! ?? https://t.co/khUEyx6i6Z

  14. RT @thereaIbanksy: <??????? ???????? ?? ???. ?????? ??????? ???? ??????? ?? ?????? ????? ????????>

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