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  1. Well, if USB storage drives are disabled you could download the text file from a sever(FTP). I agree with Mr-Protocol though. Your best bet is to have the Ducky type out the text document for you. This is an example script for educational purposes only. REM Lets write a document REM This opens a command window WINDOWS d DELAY 500 WINDOWS r DELAY 1000 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 500 REM Lets start typing the doc and save it STRING blah blah blah blah >> C:\Users\[currentuser]\text.txt DELAY 500 ENTER STRING exit ENTER That is about it. You will need to replace the string 'blah blah blah' with your 2000 words. The double carrots '>>' append the preceding text into the document 'C:\Users\[currentuser]\text.txt'. You will also have to play with the DELAY to fit the target machine's speed. If you have 30 seconds at the machine, then I would make all the DELAY = 2000 since that gives the machine time to respond. You will also need to make sure the User has write permissions to where you plan on dropping this document. The cool thing about having the Ducky write it is that the metadata will reflect that it was written at the device and at what time.
  2. Hello All, I am trying to install the dependencies for EP2, but they never install. I saw another post where a person said they facory reset their device and this fixed the issue, but this did not work for me. Inside the "Server Maintenance" thread I didn't see that this repo should be down. Anyone else having issues or am I just SOL? Thanks,
  3. What do you mean? Are you asking how can you execute the .exe you created from the Ducky itself? If so, then check out https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---runexe-from-sd You will have to flash the firmware to the Twin Duck firmware hosted on the RD Github first. If you don't want to flash your firmware, then you will have to write a payload that grabs the .exe from an external source and then executes it. If you haven't looked at all the payloads on the Rubber Ducky Wiki, then I suggest starting there. Cheers,
  4. **WAIVER** I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. Anything I type is just my opinion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have looked at laws concerning consent, both federally and locally after reading this blog: "http://www.securitycurrent.com/en/analysis/ac_analysis/legal-issues-in-penetration-testing" I have decided that you have to have a lawyer look at a contract you pay a legal writer, to write it up, before doing any of this. Consent from many people must be made if to do this without consent of the entity(*PD).
  5. Because the same people that make the show are the same people the are contracted to make the webpage... Think about that. No to be an ass, just being the gadfly.
  6. After now watching episode 4, I am still as hooked as much as I was from the first episode. I have been, like many people, looking for a show that I can relate with and, didn't make hackers look like some random Voodoo shit. They actually use relevant terms and uses them correctly, which makes me think they at least do some googling before making crazy tron world visuals, that no one has every seen while pentesting. I work for a corporate environment, and I enjoy the politics that are in the show as well. There has been only one character actually getting character development (main character), but I hope to see more. Over all I will probably watch until they cut it.
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