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  1. So are you or are you not able to access your device? In your post you state both, so which is it?
  2. The solid green and cycling orange - blue-red simply means it is not set up yet. I see you set a static IP address ( 1) Configure your computer get a DHCP address from your pineapple. 2) Unplug your pineapple, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. 3) Wait for the blue light to stop flashing (meaning it's booting up, appx 3 minutes) 4) run ping -t make sure you get consistent responses 5) cmd.exe -> ipconfig /all (make sure you get an ip address assigned from your pineapple in the /24) 6) browse to (verify the port, I'm doing this from memory) Please reply if successful!
  3. How does one get an RMA number for a defective MK5?
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