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  1. Yes I have read through all the notes about Quickcreds. "For those wondering why they aren't seeing immediate results/just a blinking amber LED, you need to give Responder time to capture a hash. ' But I would think that after an hour of waiting, its not happening.
  2. dude, THANK YOU!!! I will try this!!
  3. So, I've got the Bashbunny and I'm testing out Quickcreds and I get nothing but the blinking Amber light. I've have tried on multiple PC's and still blinking amber. I've put NFL.com and other sites up on browsers and then locked the machine to run Quickcreds and still nothing. I've configured all of the pentest and loot directories as well. It will create a directory under loot with the name of the machine, but no data in it. And I've let it run for an hour. I've used the nmapper payload and it worked fine. So, it is writing to the loot directory. I used the Mr. Robot one, and nothing with that. Looking for any sort of direction. And yes, I've read the other postings here and made sure I had everything configured.
  4. Okay, figured it out. Once I connected to the Pineapple Wifi, I needed to change my wireless IP to match the Pineapple. Once I did, I was able to connect to the management console and continue the work.
  5. Okay, brand new user here. I've setup the Pineapple, I am going to run it as a wifi hotspot to test it out. I updated the software, I connected it to the internet, I can see it on my wifi list, and yet, when I try to connect with the IP, I get nothing. If I associate to the Pineapple I can surf the web. Not sure what to do now, I've tried every IP that it could be, but can't get to the webpage again for the Pineapple.
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