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  1. Hi everyone, theres any way to manually add ssids to karma patched hostapd while it is running? As we see on the PineAP.
  2. Hi. When i start Pineap with all options on, it create access points normally, and i can connect to them without any problem. But some time later, i cant connect. With my android devices, on wifi settings, next to aps that i try to connect it reads 'Disabled'. Im running the latest firmware 2.4.0. I reflash but always get the same problem. Anyone know how to solve this problem?
  3. Hi everyone, can i use pineap and deauth without a external wifi interface?
  4. Hi there, Im new with pineapple, i receive mine 3 days ago. I follow the instructions to first run and update without any problem. I install sslstrip 2.1 from pine bar (It is the main function , which led me to buy the pine) with no problem, connect my pine to my home wifi through client mode, and connect another computer to the access point created by pineapple. This ap work fine, with internet connection. When i start sslstrip, i think it starts as it should be, it appears the info about the log file as been created (or something like this), but when i go to the computer connected to the AP from pine, it opens https and http normally, and sslstrip log still empty and nothing happen. (not normal i think). I search the forum, and found posts about HSTS, that sslstrip not work with it, but the problem i have, does not seem related to it because it open all pages normally. How to solve this? While i search about sslstrip and sslstrip i found some posts about Delorean, but little information about it and how to use it. I installed it, and connect to ssh through PuTTY on windows (my first time with ssh),and try to run - delorean -h , but it appears that there is no delorean. How to start and use delorean? I need a solution to get post data from https, how to achieve this with pineapple those days? Delorean with sslstrip together do the job? If i need to post here some data from pineapple who needs to get from ssh, pls tell me what i need to write in ssh to get the necessary information. Thanks.
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