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  1. thanks for your reply! Can I understand it that way: - you have no idea if the ASUS1900 works with the Tetra because you dont have one - the ACH works but is a little bit stubborn - the NHA seems to be the best adapter in your arsenal (and is not stubborn?!) - the adapter from HAK5shop (NEH) is working fine but is not as good as the NHA Sorry for all the questions, but I have this one from the HAK5shop and have the problem, that after a while (10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour) the adapter is stop working (The adapters activity LED went off or lights durable ...not fast blinking at it should). Even a reboot of the Tetra with the Web GUI doesnt help - I have to plug out and in the power adapter or the Alfa-NEH in order to work again 😞 Thats why I am in search for a new one!
  2. This adapter has this Chip: Realtek RTL8812AU So my question is: Does the adapter "Alfa AWUS036ACH" work with the Tetra? Another interesting adapter would be the Alfa AWUS1900 (Chip: Realtek RTL8814AU) -> same question: does it work with the Tetra?
  3. Hi there! I have a question: Is it possible to put my Android smartphone in Hotspot mode (then I have no WLAN on my mobile) and use this hotspot for Wifi client mode - and at the same time I need on the same smartphone access to the management console to my pineapple (without USB tethering ... just wireless). Is this possible? Thank you in advance, Michael
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