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  1. hiya i read about that kinda scripts ..but on my spanish windows 7 ALT+Y or ALT+A doesnt work ... maybe for spanish win7 it is another hoteky ? or it´s work not on all version win7 ?
  2. where is masstorage dev after i insert usb rubber ducky? it is no any new dvrive 1 is it how it must be? only works like keyboard 2 device technical fault? 3 must be manipulated or some trick to switch masstorage device option? the usb rubber ducky just arrive new one and script hello word working
  3. i clearly ask befoe and again is this trick demands 2 pendrive and show 2 cmd window with stupid way to cover attack under win update? u said i guess u said no but what i read in u skript the SD card after it mounts. Uses googleknowsbest's slightly more portable method to find the "Duck but i dont see any new drive instaled when i insert rubber ducky ? what i should say to admin sorry it broken? and i dont have cool music for u and those strange cmd pop ups just for cool?
  4. am just got my usb rubber ducky but when i insert it doest show like any usb drive inserted .so? how to rename drive to DUCKY? default script hello world is works btw ..but not always ...seems like it depends on which active window right now if i watch youtube video the script lost active window....little bug and other quest what is Twin Duck payload from this page?http://www.ducktoolkit.com/Home.jsp thanks in advance ps in videos hack5 too much time spend for adds and empty bla-bla-bla much close to the deal please.... however Darren a cool
  5. i would like to know i have 2 options.... to buy rubber ducky from usa or eu vendor am located in eu (european union) the eu vendor do not provide payment by paypal which is i prefer and it a little much priced... so if any problem i can face if i buy from usa vendor ? anything like too long delivery, custom taxes or even decline custom clearance and stop my shipment??? prefer answear from those with expereance, who buy from usa vendor to eu delivery
  6. hi thanks for ur post........seems like it useful but i have question, is this script may work directly from SD card or only if SD card inserted in rubber ducky? do i have to buy one usb rubber ducky to run it or not? .... it is work like shown in this video where demands 2 pendrive and show 2 cmd window with stupid way to cover attack under win update?or this script works absolutely silent? and it works on win XP without powershel and java installed?
  7. my goal is to give a usb pendrive in to the hands of admin .... so he is not goin to take a cofe when all this windows pop ups on monitor.... so the question is is any tricks or script exist that allow from one single rubber ducky to run - exe or vbs or bach script can run silently-invisilbe-unattended or at least just 1-2 sec pop up window ? the victim machine xp win7 and do not have preinstaled powershell and not always have java instaled any tricks ???
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