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  1. Hi! The problem is because you aren't using the updated spanish keyboard i made, where common characters works fine. Thanks!
  2. OK! The first one (mine) is the spanish keyboard layout for WINDOWS, and the one from Matto is for OS X. Thanks!
  3. Ok thanks! Peyo me referia hablar en español por privado si me pides algo o yo a ti.
  4. Ok! I used the Twin Duck firmware to test the layout, and it worked for me. Let me know tomorrow about it! Thanks!
  5. Hi! Are you specifying the layout with -l "PATH" ? Are you using a firmware that supports layouts? I tested it one month ago and it worked for me. But I hadnt added letters with accent, because I though that they wasn't necessary for the payloads, and some of them aren't added on the ducky encoder library. If you need them, I will do my best to add them when I will arrive home. Thanks!
  6. Here you have it! Layout: https://copy.com/C2l9rGeF7BGpSycH Payload: https://copy.com/YuqAGIgnIUbNMwhA If you have any question or problem, you only have to ask! Thanks!
  7. Hi! Sorry about the link, I will upload as soon as posible, because now I'm not at home.
  8. Hi, I use the first one and it works (Using the twin duck). The only problem I had is that the keyboard layout had errors. This caused the rubber to not write the correct letters. What language are you using?
  9. Hi, After resolving the backslash error on the ES (Spanish) keyboard, I saw that the {} characters weren't good mapped. After trying and trying, i made a modified Spanish keyboard layout where the main characters works. You can download the layout there: https://copy.com/b2f1XGkPFCpxKSeQ/es.properties?download=1 If you want to try if it works, you can download a test a payload that writes this: Modified ES Keyboard Layout Test by DragsterPS ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 {}[]()/\|!$%&=?.,-<> Download the Test Payload: https://copy.com/6PwujXQt4hofQKvQ/inject.bin?download=1 To install it, you simply have to replace the es.properties layout (located in Encoder/recources/ folder of the Duck Programming) by this one. If you want, you can add it to the USB-Rubber-Ducky repository on Git-Hub replacing the existing ES layout. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I received my USB Rubber Ducky yesterday, and I changed the firmware to the Twin Duck v2.1 and I use Duck Encoder v2.6. The problem i that i think that the spanish keyboard is wrong, becaus when I try to simulate the backslash key (\), the Ducky types me a little o (º). I tried to change it but I haven't made it. The symbols {} are also replaced by []. Can someone fix this? Thank you very much.
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