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  1. I have managed to get it working. I knew something was different when I noticed the Open Access point was showing no encryption on my wifi anaylyzer. The only thing I really did differently was put my home router on channel 1 and left the Pineapple on channel 11 (I had this setup previously but it did not work). I really think re-flashing it about 30 times made the difference. This Pineapple is really glitchy and does not always run smoothly. Sometimes I can connect to it, other times I can't. Sometimes the Deauth infusion works and other times it does not. I am afraid to load too many infusions because it gets really slow. I have had this thing about 10 days and this is the first time I have been able to get it working correctly. I hope the other infusions work more smoothly because this thing is about to be thrown in the junk pile in the office. Thanks for the help, it was appreciated. Always good to have another person checking my thought process and set up.
  2. I have changed my home router to channel 1 to limit the interference for the internet connection between the pineapple and the router (on wlan2). How do I change the channel on the pineapple? From what I understand Wlan0 puts up the dummy SSID's so that is the interface that will need to have the channel changed. I keep an SSH connection up when I am using it but I cannot seem to find the command to change the channel. I really hope that the dummy SSID's are not getting an internet connection due to interference because that will mean that the pineapple is very under powered.
  3. I am running the same setup and I have the same problem. My laptop via Wlan2 (usb wifi adapter) is connected to my home internet and drawing a 192.168.1.x address and I can get internet access. I left Wlan0 and Wlan1 alone so PineAP and Karma can use them. I plug directly into the MkV via eth0 for management. Disappointing because I cannot get detailed information anywhere on how this infustion should be set up. At the very least I wish I could find more detailed information on how the MkV network connections are set up once an infusion kicks in. I have re-flashed the pineapple so many times in hopes that would help but no luck. Kind of annoying. I think I should of waited for the MkVI or MkVII.
  4. How do you allow clients who access a PineAP access point to get internet access? I have PineAP running and it is putting up a lot of AP's but when I test them out I cannot connect to them because they do not have internet access. I have attached a USB wifi adapter and it (WLAN2) is set in client mode. The laptop I am accessing the MkV with (using eth0) has internet access via the WLAN2 connection but I want to be able to allow the clients to get that access in order to do MiTM. I have WLAN2 connected to my personal router. What am I missing? I am guessing a lot but if someone could guide me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks,
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