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  1. Thank Oli. I am unfamiliar with the SheBang. I have heard the term is that the process of including the interpreter in the build? How does it work exactly say to create a stand alone executable such as ./runme from runme.py? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Cooper! So if I wanted to make a ./executable file in Linux or MAC its just a matter of chmod +x the .py file?
  3. I am relatively new to Python and wanted to get some feedback on its overall portability from OS to OS. MAC and Linux seem to have the interpreter built in. When making OS calls do they generally port well in the respective interpreter per OS or is there some minor tweaking that must occur?
  4. Hi Michael, In Promiscuous mode, if you are connected to a hub you are correct however if not you probably only see ARP and BROADCAST activity in addition to your local node. If you want to enable monitor mode: ifconfig wlan0 down iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor ifconfig wlan0 up Try that and see if you do see additional traffic.
  5. Have two questions: 1)I have tried run the smbsign --force command however have been unsuccessful. Host script results:| smb-security-mode:| Account that was used for smb scripts: guest| User-level authentication| SMB Security: Challenge/response passwords supported|_ Message signing disabled (dangerous, but default)|_smbv2-enabled: Server doesn't support SMBv2 protocolIs there a command line that I can enable message signing?2)I run chkrootkit on my Ubuntu Desktop machine:Checking `chkutmp'... The tty ofthe following user process(es) were not found in /var/run/utmp !! RUID PID TTY CMD! root 1637 tty7 /usr/bin/X -core :0 -seat seat0 -auth/var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitchchkutmp: nothing deletedSearching for Suckit rootkit... Warning:/sbin/init INFECTED
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