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  1. Ran into a similar situation with a work phone and apple gave 2 options. Original bill of sale or it's a brick, even though the phone is a registered corporate device. Luckily we got the password for the apple ID.
  2. The most we get here is 100Mbs down and 5Mbs up for cable $30/month recently, we only have 2 providers, Oceanic and Hawaiiantel. It's either cable (shared pipe) or DSL, or if you have cash to burn, you can do satellite internet. At work we have 550mbs but, we're paying out of the f*&%ing ass for it but it is fiber coming in :-) . I'm curious about the setup for the MinnowBoard Max's.
  3. The oneplus 2 has the snapdragon 810, which I heard the 810 has overheating issues. Unless the the issue has been fixed.
  4. I don't think Cyanogen has been able to crack the bootloader, so far only the develper editions or sprint/t-mobile ones are rootable since they don't have a locked bootloader. Although what's interesting is the s6 variants are rootable, although I'm curious about the kingroot being a trusted source. What do you guys think about the oneplus 2 as a alternative? Although I'm leary about the 810 snapdragon.
  5. Retail version of the VZ note 4 and a chinease team have created a temporary root method, that apparently lasts until reboot. However, there's been some questions of the security of the phones data and conflicts with SuperSu (with the retail versions). After a virtual OS is loaded on the mircro SD, looks like kingroot exploits the boot loader to boot a OS that is installed on a the micro SD card then, is running in read-only on the locked bootloader and writes over changes in the RAM to give root access to apps. But some users say the more apps they root, the more the phone will reboot itself, I'm guessing Knox is catching the discripencies of the HHD and RAM? 1. I'm not sure how legit the app is and so far it seems like it works for KitKat 4.4.4, not too sure about Lolipop 5.0.1. 2. The SD card would be paritioned with Fat32 and Ext4, seems odd. 3. Retailers encrypt the bootloader with SHA-256, generating hash key seems impossible. 4. Would it be possible to boot into a custom boot loader rather than a OS? Then flash the stock ROM with a new bootloader and OS?
  6. Overwraith, yes I was curious about the effects. Cooper, that's a interesting point, she's burning the bridge with a fortune 500 company. Her assistant manager cursed out the CFO today and put in his resignation notice, should be interesting.
  7. My friend was telling me that her Aunt overstaff the department, then started promoting employees so she could be promoted to director. But her aunt knew she was gonna get fired for being overbudget and BSing so, she took company trips to conventions and marketed herself and made connections. Then started doing contract work on the side for companies. She said her aunt gave all the work to the managers, went to meetings then watched youtube videos out of bordom. However, all but one manager have been fired and all the work load is on her but, she accepted a new job offer. Will she make it as a director in her new job or contract work?
  8. You guys have a good point so, I've taken a offer that starts in 5 weeks. So in the meantime, I'm gonna lay low and ride it out until I put in my 2 week notice.
  9. Yeah, it's kinda weird, he told the department later on in a meeting the same thing and he's looking for work too. I'm guessing remote support is taking over, another location has thin clients and no IT staff on premise. I just realized that users weren't suppose to save to the desktops (roaming profiles) but the manager changed it, so there profile's aren't backuped up only what's on the file server and mail server.
  10. Oh ok, after talking with my manager. He's going to resign within a month so he doesn't want to lose brownie points from enforcing policies. I tried asking my director but he said it's up to my manager and to really start looking for a new job.
  11. This is kinda a noob question but, would you guys have any good suggestions for tools for detecting security holes that I can make a report? So basically at work, we've had a revolving door for our security team...actually at times we've had no IT security and the firewall is a mess. I've suggested VDI/thin clients and better password policies or running windows off of a Linux middleware and have a generic snapshots ready. However, my manager thinks having all the passwords on a unencrypted excel spreadsheat is fine because only OU admins can access it and when a computer gets a virus/trojan; rebuilding the OS is all that's needed. End users are allowed to download and add toolbars/extensions....actually some have admin accounts because he doesn't want to set ACL's/security groups for work applications. We've been fortunate enough that the admin accounts haven't had any viruses but, I've rebuilt quite a bit of machines that had undetected keyloggers and trojans...I'm concered of the network getting compromised and spreading. But my knowledge of network security is minimum. What I would like to do is get a good list of tools (nmap, nessus, bitlocker, fileharding, etc), readups or suggestions.
  12. I wish but, optimus does a pci redirect that allows the OS to run another video card but it's still tied to one OS, in this case the host such as Mint, Arch, etc.. In this case, the host OS would have the Nvidia card blacklist in the Kernel so it won't grab the Bus ID, then the guest OS would "recognize" the unused graphics card. This would allow windows to load Nvidia drivers and run the Nvidia card directly, so there would be no overhead on virtualizing the video on top of linux. The only downside is linux can't use the Nvidia card. Linux tends to be effecient in ram and HDD allocation, with the combination of VT-d of the processor and Nvidia card I think that would make a very fast virtual machine.
  13. Would it be possible with a hybrid Intel/Nvidia GTX870M video card to have Linux isolated to the Intel video card and Windows use the Nvidia card...one the same monitor? I've seen a similar setup with a the Nvidia going to a external monitor using PCI passthrough in the VM (GTX870M seems to allow passthrough if it's tricked that it's not a virtual OS) The idea would let switching to the VM on a seperate workspace for games and also play with linux on the other workspace, also if 8.1 gets infected, I can load a snapshot vs. lossing my entire laptop; and help protect the BIOS and hardrive. Specs: MSI GT70 2PC VT-d enabled I7-4800 32 GB Ram KVM with Virtual Machine Manager Nividia GeForce GTX870M 3gb vram
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