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  1. Okay so I can either go for a thinkpad https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PITY1KI/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_8i-Dvb9GCWQSK That is like my only option on that front or I can go for a newer laptop, something like an asus. Any ideas?
  2. Right so it seems as if the refurbished t510 has sold and there aren't any more i7 8gb ram 1tb HDD t510s left that I can find. Any suggestions or shall I just wait it out? Thanks
  3. I have a high end Nvidia card which im pretty sure will be supported; I am hoping to buy the thinkpad T510 ASAP (thanks for the suggestion). My only question now is which USB wireless card should I get? an Alfa? Wifi Pineapple? Thanks
  4. Okay - Would I need to upgrade the Wireless card on that or would it be fine stock? If so then how could I upgrade it; could it be an internal upgrade or would I have to get a USB wifi card? Thanks
  5. Hi again, I couldn't message as there is a limit for newbies (2 per day). I am sorry for not specifying yesterday - as I said please cut me some slack! I want to buy myself a laptop as I already have a gaming desktop however it runs on windows 8.1 and I would like to keep it that way: I have heard that windows 8.1 is a pain to hack on especially for learning but I may use it for bruteforcing if needed as it is a beast. I will be using this computer as a victim for various tests along with my neighbours who has kindly allowed me to use his windows 7 laptop when I need to - it is on another network so that will come into play later. I do also want portability in this new computer i'm getting - maybe to use it for work related things. I want to be running Kali Linux on it as 'people' did say it is easiest to use when learning pentesting - if you have any other suggestions feel free to share. When I said I will be partitioning a drive I mainly stick by that - with a 1TB HDD I don't see any problems but I may even just install only Linux. I was hoping for 15.6" screen and all the rest as I wanted it to be a nice all round computer as well as being able to hack. Once again; are there any special things I will NEED such as a funky wireless card? After some research I think this would be a great option: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-G50-15-6-inch-Laptop-Black/dp/B00LLE6QS4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1433620224&sr=8-3&keywords=i5+laptop and I may even be able to get a good deal as I have a mate who is high up in Lenovo. I realise that maybe the wifi card wont do so I am happy to replace it with a better internal one which has support for airodump-ng and so on if I am sure I won't run into driver issues and whatnot. If anyone has any suggestions on what card/laptop combo I should get or if there are any cards which will fit that laptop nicely I would love to hear. I would also like to know if having a stock computer with a custom wifi card will allow me to learn pentesing. Thanks, MrJaMilne
  6. You say two or more wireless cards; why more than one? and do you have any specific cards or laptops with these cards in mind? I have thought about the CPU and as I said I was hoping for an i5. with a bluetooth adapter do you just mean a bluetooth 'card' as I'm pretty sure most stock laptops come with one as for NFC and RFID - why would I need those? Thanks, MrJaMilne
  7. Hi, I am a complete noob to everything ever so just please bear with me. I want to buy myself a basic laptop which will allow me to begin learning to hack - I have a strong knowledge of computers and want to learn Internet security and pentesting properly. I have a £450-£500 budget and I maybe can push it if needed. I want to be running Kali Linux on it and I will be partitioning a drive to get to that. I was hoping for a 15.6" screen, i5, 8gb RAM and a 1TB HDD with as much battery life as possible. I have seen normal laptops with this for £400 so I think I can get this. My real question is if there are any things I will NEED to get me started; for example I know certain wireless cards make pentesting much easier but I don't know which models or which laptops contain them (I was hoping not to buy an external one). I guess if need be I can change a wireless card but I would like to stay away from fiddling with internals. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MrJaMilne
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