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  1. The current Bash Bunny Debian version is 8.11 which is fully EOL as of June 2020. This presents a number of issues, namely the inability to install python3 / pip3 versions beyond 3.4. Attempted to locally compile or pull newer versions of python3 from the available repos present SSL certificate trust chain issues along with unmet dependancies. I have been able to manually update to Buster through source.list, however I believe the kernel would have to be flashed through u-boot. Can you provide details on what source you are using to create the kernel source so that the device can be brought to full support of Debian and python3?
  2. I am not sure if I am missing something obvious but I have just picked up a MK5 and was looking at integrating my wireless toolset into the pineapple. I have been able to download the source and compile my binary packages, however I have noticed that firmware 2.3.0 runs wpad-mini and not full wpad. This appears to limit the ability to run hostapd's integrated RADIUS server. I have attempted to build wpad from the source contained at http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!build_guide.md but it appears the source for hostapd is an older version than the 2.3.0 firmware and does not include the pineapple patches. Is it possible to build and install the full wpad binary with the proper hostapd patches?
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