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  1. ty to all, i wasnt trying to get "personal info" just more knowledge on how to improve my experience/time on the internet securely.
  2. so what are peoples normal routines for the internet? normal use and how they connect to the internet?
  3. so in summary lets see: at a random point in time purchase computer/laptop with cash from non-corporate/chained store. such as a local mom and pop store; wearing clothes/costume i normally wouldnt wear in case their cc cameras are uploaded/accessible by 8ig 8rother.. purchase vpn anonymously using bitcoins enter no incriminating data whatsoever on the device connect randomly at different wifi locations/wardrive everytime i want to use it use tails live cd always (this only applies to the device/personality i want to remain more secure)
  4. thank you!! appreciate the clarification on tor and using it better. and perhaps the greatest quote so far haha.
  5. thanks for the post, yeah i just want privacy thats all. and just to understand security from an IT stand point as ive passed my A+, im in Net+ and will be doing Sec+ after my mcsa/mcse on the Microsoft vendor specific side. also considering doing ecouncils ENSA<CEH<LPT but those are just fancy smancy stuff id be happy for just sec+ and alot of lab/virtual hands on stuff in my house. heres what ive looked at for vpn from PIA https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2012/04/how-to-buy-bitcoins-anonymously-in-the-us-instantly/
  6. thank you for your imput! yeah, thats a sad life to live. but even more sad that to thee extent one would have to go to NOT be a variable or a piece of data to analyze/trace and profile. i more or less am just trying to learn more about security thats all. my a+ and even now net+ classes obviously briefly skimmed over that because it wasnt the foundation/course meant to be taught. once i get to sec+ and have some hands on with some labs/vms ill start feeling more at ease. you can never learn enough, nor have the time to but its what effort can i put into learning the most core fundamental/cru
  7. because i was trying to seperate my true me from this me. but as just this information/conversations concerned its nothing earth shattering and no more conscpicuous than the rest of my past online preferences. i was asking in general, what are some ways on tightening up my personal security. not specifically for this forum how can i anonymously converse this information to you all. more or less, yes your right. it invalidates the purpose, its the principle of how much effort vs. the goal/point of why your trying. my goal here is just to aqquire information. behavior patterns can be manipulate
  8. very awesome, in-depth post my friend! yeah i used tor browser to create disposable email which sucked trying to pass captcha when creating my account for this site. its all a charade of interconnectivity and not being able to see the bars in front of us. the internet was never created for privacy, online banking, personal information to be anonymized ect.. its just scary the times we live in and the direction that technology as a whole is going. let alone all the specifics. yeah swartz documentary was truely sad. im not doing anything more than the average american i guess you could say. if t
  9. its OK TO RANT!! i love rants, thats how i know im getting someones honost opinion. i was thinking, tails linux on VM<(VPN(private internet access ect)/My own onion router using pi 2, tor browser. does anyone want to collectively save up our bitcoins and buy a large island landmass and we can start everything over? :p
  10. thank you all for the responses, i will be checking the link you posted.
  11. Hello all! im going to be asking probably some of the most FAQ's regarding personal home networking privacy and what we call thee Internet. What are peoples position regarding anonymity and browsing the internet? i realize there will never be true anonymity but i just want to be able to give myself the best shot. From using VM's with 'Tails distro, personally created or paid VPN(PIA ect) following, onion routing as an alternative to either personally or paid VPNS. These are just some of my thoughts on what im considering/read. i realize primarily Linux would be the preferred method
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