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  1. oh wow i was thinking the opposite on the signal no wounder lawl. the AP is in my city block and im about 14 houses away from the AP when i stand on my roof i can see the box on the pole, google maps measuring tool says im around 800feet from AP 1 and 850feet from AP 2 .i dont know where the nearest cell tower is.btw thanks for all the info and everything its helping me understand this alot more.
  2. hey Digip thanks for the information i think you are right but here is the site survey of the device, and the Spectrum Analyzer the device has built in
  3. Hello Everyone first post for me and i have a problem with Wifi.what the problem is the in-gated community my aunt is in has a contract with AT&T but they screwed up and didn't run enough lines to all the homes and they said estimated time of repair is within the next 2 years on top of that the contract states no other company can come in and place there lines so she is stuck without internet. but she live on the back wall side and about a football field away there is a time warner hotspot. i can get an account to use that wifi hotspot but i need a device to reach that and connect to it.lo
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