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  1. Yes I have. And I don't like how you jump to the conclusion that I haven't due to the mistake I made within my initial thread/response. The WIFI Pineapple is working without any issues. I'm able to connect via the Web Interface and manage it like I have within the past. However the network I am on at the moment is different to the network back at home and issues are faced which were not faced before.
  2. Just to add on this the subnet Mask is also the same, not the Mac Address. Sorry. I was in a bit of a rush to type this thread.
  3. I'm sorry. However the IP address I listed was incorrect. I used and not the former. I have searched the forum and couldn't find a solution to the issue which I'm facing at the moment hence the thread.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm attempting to connect my Pineapple however I'm having some issues with the connection which is shared. I've followed the appropriate instructions online and have had it work within the past at home. However I am having some issues with the University's Internet. I've allowed my wireless network adapter to share the local area connection and for the local area connection (ethernet) I have assigned the relevant IP Address ( and the Mac Address ( I'm able to connect to the Web Interface fine. However that's the only thing which works. At this point I'm unable to access any physical sites via LAN and WIFI (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET). This is for the duration that this IP is assigned, once it's removed it works without any issues. None of my addresses have been blacklisted either. Does anyone have an idea?
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