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  1. Hi, I've recently used the rubber ducky successfully to unlock 4 digit pins on Android phones, however, on the last phone I tried to use the 4 digit pin cracker on, the rubber ducky insists on trying to click the emergency call button instead. Is this a rubber ducky malfunction or a phone malfunction? has anyone else had this problem? and if so has anyone figured out a script to fix it?
  2. I just got the ducky a few weeks ago and am not the most advanced with any kind of coding. I was successfully able to do all the "my first payload" scripts, but after a few times I got a red light and had to flash the duck to get it back up and running. After the flash the "hello world" script worked, however the ducky only seemed to work on computers and not on android devices. I have run several of the Android 4 digit pin codes (each with a 5000 delay) through the duck but after the flash none of them seemed to work. The blue light comes on, flashes once, lights up the screen and then goes o
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