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  1. Which antenna (close to USB male end or female end) would the booster work better on?
  2. What you need to do is flash the firmware with composite duck then you will have both storage and HID features.
  3. If it's executing the old script, that means you either didn't copy over the inject.bin file properly, or you didn't create the inject.bin file properly (meaning you created it using the old script, or you accidentally created it in a different location without realizing). If it simply wasn't executing, or started seemingly part-way through, that would mean you need a bigger delay (2000-5000 milliseconds is good).
  4. Oh yeah. Just about everything you can do with a mouse can be done using just a keyboard, and being able to automate it makes it even easier to reproduce. I learned this as a kid, when my crappy bluetooth mouse's batteries would die or it would (frequently) disconnect.
  5. Is it not CTRL SHIFT ENTER Pre-edit: Weird, you're right. The wiki does say CTRL-SHIFT, but I've never done it that way.
  6. Duckencoder is made in java. You just download it, install JRE (or was it JDK...I never remember). To run the encoder, simply run this: java -jar encoder.jar -i "duckyscriptfile.txt" -o inject.bin As for the scripts themselves, you basically just type whatever you want the ducky to type later, like this: DELAY 2000 GUI r DELAY 100 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING Hello Hammerhead ENTER STRING Just imagine all the things you can do with a keyboard ENTER STRING The ducky can do that too! I haven't seen any fully comprehensive guides for keyboard shortcuts, but probably the most important one is WIN+R (GUI r on the ducky). There's a lot of information available on the ducky wiki too.
  7. They're likely already connected to a wifi spot. Phones don't tend to search out for previous connections unless the one they're on is really bad or they're just not connected. You can deauth clients on nearby networks and then they'll try to connect to you instead.
  8. You can easily do that if you know the reasonable maximum for the length of string (like 512). @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set /p "in=Input: " set len=1 set #=%in% for %%a in (256 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1) do if not "!#:~%%a!"=="" set /a len+=%%a&set #=!#:~%%a! echo %in% is %len% chars long. pause Though the original length script will take n/9 iterations to get the length, this would always take 9 loops for up to 512 characters.
  9. Gosub is not a command. It's call There is also no "return", though the closest is goto :eof Your code would be as follows: @echo off echo Calling a subroutine. call :subr1 rem The : is required when calling a subroutine. echo Returned from the subroutine. pause :subr1 echo In the subroutine. goto :eof rem goto :eof is not needed here as it would already be at the end of the file. Subroutines will run the code all the way to the end of the file, so this just jumps to the end.
  10. Yeah, that's what I said. The green LED lit up if you had an external adapter plugged in before boot, instead of the solid blue.
  11. Back on 1.0.1, if you had an external wifi adapter plugged in before it boots, it would light up the green LED instead of solid blue. Not really sure why that happens, but it was pretty neat.
  12. I've noticed it on 0.2 as well. In addition, you can't add the deleted SSIDs back until you remove them first...which is weird.
  13. I'll have to look at the exact temps when it's particularly hot, but leaving it running against the battery (or any flat surface, for that matter) seems to make things quite hot. Pressed against the battery, inside the tactical pouch, for hours at a time seems to exacerbate things.
  14. Gonna have to update the pineapple logo to fit better, but looking good so far...
  15. I've been noticing that my nano is running awfully hot lately. Has any progress been made on this? Having some kind of active cooling solution would be helpful.
  16. Nope, runs just fine. Acts as both keyboard and mass storage simultaneously. You can run stuff off the SD card as well as copy stuff to the SD card, all automatically.
  17. Just one thing I noticed while trying to reproduce your issue (and the desired results): The autossh file is in /etc/config not /etc/conf
  18. Is it typing anything and just failing GUI r or is it everything? Try opening a notepad window to see what is actually being typed.
  19. What are the exact scripts you're trying to run? Keep in mind, the OS takes a bit of time before it'll accept key input when you first plug it in, so it's good to add a 2-4s delay at the top.
  20. Please elaborate on what it is doing if it's not doing what you want. Both scripts are known to work using TwinDuck.
  21. I would sincerely hope that apps like Facebook and Twitter implement SSL pinning to protect against somehting like this.
  22. Both the Rubber Ducky and the Wifi Pineapple (new Nano version) are available in the hakshop, and shipping isn't too awful at $37 USD for the cheapest rate through USPS. I just checked some random address in Auckland to get an estimate, might (but unlikely) be different for your exact location. Mark V's aren't too commonly sold by third parties, and when they are they're generally for a premium (especially since they've been out of stock for quite some time now).I found one in an eBay auction that just started, with a buy-it-now of $325 plus over $100 USD (!) for shipping (to my own country, yours would be much higher).
  23. You'll need Twin Duck for that.
  24. Spent about 5 minutes using Safari for iOS trying to reproduce the problem, with no luck. Latest version of iOS Chrome.
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