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  1. That is certanly a way to a aproach this for sure. But still, in my view as it is now evil twin attacks are geting kinda outdated more more... cheers
  2. Hello. I have connected usb card AWUSO36NEH from hackshop. While connected to Mark V, using airodump does not show any connected clients using airodump with specified mac of ap does not show any clients at all using reaver I get this message: [+] Waiting for beacon from 74:44:01:88:86:C8 [+] Associated with 24:44:01:58:86:B8 (ESSID: kalle 2) [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with 24:44:01:58:86:B8 (ESSID: kalle 2) [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with 24:44:01:58:86:B8 (ESSID: kalle 2) rebooting pineapple a few times helps sometimes, but usually stops working after a short while? using pineapple internal wlan1 works fine, putting alfa card on my kali laptop work fine as well (although wps brute force work much slower than normal). router has several clients and is vulnerable to wps brute force... :-)
  3. Thank you very much for this info. Just learned to use OPKG command.... I installed pyrit trough this command only "opkg install pyrit" and it solved everything.. :-)
  4. Thank you both for very informative info. So if I understand this correctly, in terms of real security issues there isn't much to worry about regarding evil twin type of attacks, since open AP is 99.99% dead, at least in country where I live. Getting a bunch of smartphones connect to your ap on a crowded place isn't what shady individuals are mostly looking for. Of course u can use a rouge ap to do other things, But that's not what we are talking about here. I assume that same goes for this EAP attack as well? http://securitysynapse.blogspot.se/2014/03/wireless-pentesting-on-cheap-kali-WPAEntPartII.html With all this in mind I realy don't understand what the fus is all about in terms of corporate rouge ap securiy. :-)
  5. One more question. Upon installing pyrit trough OPKG manager, I get a "Installing, configuring Pyrit" message, this message never dissapears. So I reboot after an hour or so, when logging in again OPKG says additional package has bin installed, but how do I actually run pyrit, all I get in command line is: root@Apple:/bin# pyrit Traceback (most recent call last): File "/sd/usr/bin/pyrit", line 4, in <module> import pyrit_cli ImportError: No module named pyrit_cli :-)
  6. Wow, what a difference. Great job.. Thnx a lot..
  7. That certanly helped, thnx for the info..... :-)
  8. Hello. I have installed wifite on pineapple and discovered that it also needs tshark/cowpaty and Pyrit. After I download pyrit and run "python setup.py build", I get this message after a while: "unable to execute mips-openwrt-linux-uclibc-gcc: No such file or directory error: command 'mips-openwrt-linux-uclibc-gcc' failed with exit status 1" How do I get pass this? Reason why I want use wifite and it's dependencies is because I want capture wpa handshake and properly validate it with pyrit. I have not yet tried to install tshark and cowpatty, but I assume that thos can be installed on pineapple? Regards
  9. Hi all. I have bin reading and reading this forum and I'm still a bit confused. Is it or is it not possible to spoof a WPA ap, ddos the original ap and make a client to connect to the rouge ap? Would really appriciate an answer.. Best regards
  10. Hello. My issue is that I cannot connect to "Secure Management Access Point". It's just not possible. open AP works fine. It only works after a fresh reflash. After a few reboots it stops working and I cannot login again. I have tried reflash, DIP factory reset and unbricking my MarkV. It seems also that with some channels it does not work at all (tested channel 1). Currently I'm using channel 3. Regards
  11. On my device red light only flashes upon boot, never when I enable wlan1, red ligth is never on. Does this mean that its something wrong with my device? (I do have some other issues, maybe it's related?)
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